What Are the Common Features in a Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is a portable handset which people can use to communicate with other people. Though there is a quality difference between the expensive and cheap, there are several common features in the mobile phone. The common features in a mobile phone include organizer application, web browser, text messaging, instant messaging, camera and video recorder.

The organizer application is one of the basic applications that are included. Some of the features which you will find in the organizer applications include calendar, alarm clock and etc. Expensive phone’s organizer application has more features compare to the cheap. Special features that can be found in an expensive mobile include a compass and thermometer.

The web browser is a standard app in all the mobile phone as well. It allows you to surf the internet and read news. You will be able to download games with the web browser. The type of web browser that is used by is the WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) web browser. Good mobile have HTML browsers, which is much better compare to the WAP browsers. The WAP browsers cannot display pages that are not customized for WAP browsing.

Many mobile supports the text messaging. The text messaging app allows you to send text messages to your contacts. Higher end mobile phone allows you to send multimedia messages and instant messages to your friends and family members. Major instant messaging services such as MSN, Yahoo and AOL are frequently supported. You can also email other people by using the email feature. The email app is used to check your inbox and compose email message. You can attach picture in your email message. Smart phone offers email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook and etc.


Nowadays, almost all the phone has camera. The camera can also be used as a video recorder and used to record short video clips. You can copy the phones you shoot with your phone camera to your computer by using a USB device.

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