The best American Seed Banks

The United States is the united states of america
clones for sale within the world in which most marijuana is ate up, even though if we talk approximately banks there are remarkable differences with European seed manufacturers.

In maximum of the states, residents can’t buy marijuana seeds for self-cultivation and self-consumption. They are only allotted to professionals in order that they are those that manufacture the herb for the dispensaries or companies that commercialize products with CBD as an instance.

Having said that, we go along with the nice American seed banks.

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▶ Humboldt Seed Organization

Specialized in the sale of feminized and ordinary marijuana seeds, its name can pay homage to the name of the Californian county in which the enterprise is located. In fact, that is the maximum vital northern place of marijuana cultivation within the us of a, due to the awesome weather enjoyed in that location.

One of the differences of this bank of seeds in comparison with others of the us of a, is that they only domesticate seeds whose genetics is exceptional of the stated zone. This is a set of growers who joined together for this purpose and distributed during the united states of america, now also in ours. That’s why you can locate part of their extensive type of seeds in our online keep.

L.A. Gelato
Latest technology seeds, produced in collaboration with Sherbinski, the trendy breeder. The high-quality taste of Gelato, in a plant fast, resistant and clean to develop, so it is ideal for growers with little or no enjoy. The nice possibility to attempt the hashish each person is talking about.

Blue Dream
An American conventional, ideal fusion of sativa and indica that mixes Blueberry with Super Silver Haze, 2 of the maximum offered flora of history. From our point of view it’s miles the best model in seed format of this elite clone, very similar in every way.


⛳ The Cali Connection

The Cali Connection became founded to offer the quality genetics from California, USA. Some of the excellent breeders in northern and southern California have come collectively beneath the Cali Connection umbrella and are eager to share their favorite genes with the relaxation of the sector – they’ve spent years breeding and cultivating earlier than being capable of offer simplest the excellent genes.

Original Sour Diesel
For sour lovers, the genuine American taste, the unique. A sativa range with a totally special impact, effective and with the biggest calyxes that you can consider, which together with its low leaf production, gives a very striking look to the plant life. A plant to be cultivated at least as soon as to your existence, you won’t overlook it easily.

Alien OG
The variety Alien OG appears to have come from another planet, with its characteristic morphology and that large resin protecting the buds, extraterrestrial. The version by Cali Connection is a gourmet product, one of the most professional banks in OG couldn’t have a mediocre Alien, and of path if you try this plant you may see that I am not mendacity.

☕ Subcool’s The Dank

Subcool left us some time ago, however his genetics will in no way be lost due to the fact thanks to brave breeders like him, who positioned their freedom on the line in the most difficult instances, we will experience nowadays mythical varieties like the ones that his seed bank nevertheless gives primarily based at the west coast of america, despite the fact that he changed into from Florida. He commenced by stabilizing flavors, the lemon with the Jacks Cleaner, the orange with the Agent Orange or the grape with the Grape extra recently, and he created some of the tastiest and maximum effective varieties nowadays.

Jack The Ripper
Its flagship, a plant that has it all, severe lemony taste, appropriate resin yield, and notably a totally special chemotype, as it’s far the economic cannabis variety with the highest THCV content available on the market. Very psychoactive impact, long lasting, and with specific medicinal homes.

Variety with a ratio among THC and CBD 1:1 but with more than 10% of both, that is, natural medicinal drug that is additionally very tasty. It is a combination among Jack the ripper and Harlequin, and contains the high-quality of each parents, so it’s also very resinous, fast and with an amazing bud yield.

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🎬 Reserva Privada California Republic

It is a seed financial institution of DNA Genetics, which has specialized in seeds orientated to medicinal and therapeutic use. In reality, they’re legal to promote marijuana inside the dispensaries of clinical use. As the name implies, many of these seeds are born inside the green pastures of California. Among their merchandise you’ll always find feminized and everyday seeds. The pleasant of all of them may be very excessive, due to the fact that a selection of a number of the first-rate lines of American seeds has been made.

The well-known Tangie became famous thanks to the buddies of Reserva Privada, and we should thank them. It is an vintage choice of California Orange, which they crossed with some other Skunk so that it will provide this genetics in seed layout. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing the most intense citrus flavor of cannabis.

OG Kush
We already recognize that there are many OG Kush seeds within the market, however the breeders of Reserva Privada and DNA Genetics work with a number of the maximum prestigious unique clones, like this option of OG or Kosher amongst others. If you have been taking into account growing a terrific Kush, I might try this one if I had been you.

📲 Jinxproof Genetics

Jinxproof is a well-known breeder who has been developing for over 30 years, and a few years in the past he additionally started out as a small company selling ordinary cannabis seeds in Seattle (Washington). Before that he turned into operating for Subcool, wherein he created his first-class known genetics, the 9lb Hammer.

Cookie Puss
From our factor of view it’s miles the quality Jinxproof strain because the 9lb Hammer. A mix among Platinum Cookies and Cat Piss, severe flavor and aroma, rock tough buds and an excellent amount and exceptional of trichomes.

Safety Meeting
A go between the Electric Watermelon and the 9lb Hammer that brings together the nice capabilities of each dad and mom. Delicious and effective in equal elements, a worthy inheritor of the maximum a success sort of this bank of the North Pacific coast.

➕ Phat Panda

Founded in 2014 by using Robert and Katrina McKinley in Spokane, Washington, Phat Panda are commercial hashish growers who have sooner or later launched their personal emblem of commercial marijuana strain seeds. It began as a small company, which quickly grew to 50 human beings and now employs over 500 workers. They are inside the system of expanding, and could quickly be generating in different US states such as California, Oregon, Nevada, Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts, Arizona, Florida and West Virginia amongst others.

Originally created via OG Raskal from the cross between the Fire OG and The White, Wifi has performed global reputation as one of the best OG Kush phenotypes on the market. Now Phat Panda brings you its personal feminized model personally tested via them.

Grease Monkey
Perfect mix between Gorilla Glue#four and Cookies ‘n Cream created by using Mike from Exotic Genetix, where all the offspring share the intense taste of the Glue combined with Cookies, in mega resinous, sticky and dense buds like few others.

🔥 Western Cultured Seeds

Producers of hashish seeds and medical cannabis, additionally placed inside the kingdom of Washington, greater especially in Arlington, wherein they’ve a facility of 400 lights and 4,two hundred m2 where they are able to producing extra than 40 pounds according to month, which can be then processed by using associate organizations that manufacture cartridges for the vaporizer recharge among many different merchandise. Their sorts are extra orientated to organoleptic great than to strength.

Kraken Black Pepper
Hybrid that mixes Girl Scout Cookies with OG Kush, and stands proud mainly for its spicy black pepper flavor, its resin-covered buds, suitable production of buds and terpenes, and a medicinal effect that relieves ache, opens the urge for food and induces sleep.

Cascade Connie
An vintage college indica that fuses the first rate impact of the mythical G13 with the scrumptious flavor of DNA Genetics’ L.A. Confidential. One of the maximum a success traces from Western Cultured Seeds way to its anti-strain and anti-tension homes.

🎯 Gold Leaf Gardens

Seed bank at the west coast of the USA regarded to be one of the most sybaritic within the region. They take care of every closing element, from the guidance of the natural substrate, the herbal care of the flowers, the procedure of harvesting, drying and curing, and above all of the next processing, for which they have partnered with Polar Icetracts to create Bubble Hash and Rosin of the very best first-class, and with Leira Cannagars for the manufacture of cigars which can be offered as a luxury item. With their motto “Growing with Aloha” always ahead, and with the philosophy in opposition to pesticides, mineral fertilizers or solvents.

Fire Bubba
Impressive fusion between the White Fire OG and the Bubba Kush, in which the characteristics of both dad and mom can be favored perfectly. Overwhelming strength, now not appropriate for amateur customers or those with little tolerance. Variety very favored through fans of cannabis concentrates.

Vitamin C
If you’ve got vitamin C deficiency do this, it’s going to in reality not enhance your take a look at results, however what is apparent is that you will now not mind, because it will make you satisfied anyhow. Cross between Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel, citrus flavor and THC content over 20%.

🧐 Dawg Star

Another massive hashish and seed-generating business enterprise in Washington State, in this situation from Seattle, where they were the first to get a nation license. With a clear philosophy in the direction of natural and sustainable manufacturing, and with facilities of 2,300 m2 have managed to get the media attention of the arena international, and now we can experience their creations in Europe too thanks to Pevgrow.

Blueberry Cheesecake
Delicious variety specially indica that incorporates the intensity of the Cheese but with the fruity tones of the Blueberry, with a totally medicinal effect and a placing presence like few others. Quality feminized seeds for stressful users.

Critical Purple Kush
What happens while you convey collectively the first-class of America and Europe? Well, that champions like this plant emerge. It has all of it: speed, resistance, aroma, effect, manufacturing, and the maximum severe and lasting flavor you could locate.

⚠️ Dark Horse Genetics

American seed financial institution based totally in Denver (Colorado) from wherein they produce fantastic sorts seeing that even before the whole legalization of cannabis on this kingdom of the USA. Their genetics are best offered in regular format, and they stand out for having very marked flavors and an impact nice that isn’t so much primarily based on efficiency as on effectiveness in treating illnesses.

Orange Cream
If you like very tasty sorts you need to try the Orange Cream from this bank, because it’s the closest thing to ingesting a ripe, sweet, citrusy orange with an depth in no way visible earlier than, no longer to say its euphoric and glad impact.

Double Lemon Pie
Great combination among the Lemon Meringue and the Joe’s Lemonade that enhances the Limonene terpenes to every other level. The most delicious way to eliminate stress and insomnia among different problems.

💻 Artizen Seeds
A financial institution of American starting place this is already worldwide thanks to the worldwide reputation it has achieved in current years. Their most important aim is to use the Zen philosophy to the whole lot they do, and of course also to the cultivation, choice and crossing of their favourite sorts, which stand out for his or her aromas, flavors and strength.

Blue Dream
Feminized model of a classic that fuses the first-rate polyhybrids in records, Blueberry and Super Silver Haze. At the time it become stated to be the most effective genetics within the USA, although now it’s been handed by using GMOs and Cookies amongst others. Sativa impact and fruity taste in a plant with massive buds and common flowering time.

Allen Wrench
Crossing that mixes the taste of the New York Diesel with the devastating impact of the Trainwreck, leaving a very complete hybrid, as it’s far quite clean to develop, it doesn’t have any problems, it yields very well and produces amazing cannabis extracts.

✍ Fast Buds

This is the maximum well-known American autoflowering seed financial institution inside the global. They have specialised in growing automatic variations of the most prestigious elite clones from both the USA and Europe, and now additionally from South America way to their collaborations with growers from many nations. Their types are ideal for growers with little revel in, as they’re very hard and smooth to handle.

Zkittlez Auto
An autoflowering and feminized model of one among today’s most up to date varieties, Zkittlez. You can already experience the intense caramel flavor of this range, but with the benefits of automated flowering vegetation.

Gelato Auto
Great breeding paintings by way of Fast Buds, who’ve crossed an elite clone of Gelato with its Girl Scout Cookies Auto to bring the autoflowering genes to the tasty and powerful Gelato of the Cookie Fam. Sweet and fresh taste and a completely satisfactory enjoyable effect.

⭐ Archive Seeds

Founded more than 15 years ago in Washington by using ThaDocta, a famous breeder in the industry boards because the days of Overgrow. This breeder accrued original genetics for decades, which he later allotted among trusted buddies.

One of the fortunate ones became Scott from Rare Dankness, who thanks to the flowers he received from ThaDocta was capable of observed his own seed financial institution, that’s now considered certainly one of the most important in the USA.

Nowadays Archive Seeds is fashioned by way of a select group of professional growers who have specialised in deciding on notable clones, which they then grow to be seeds so that it will offer them to their customers. Among they all, the Do-si-dos or the Face Off OG stand out, although they’re now not easy to discover. Fortunately, it currently gives direct descendants of them, who hold the extent on the equal top, if not even higher.

Dosi Tree
Perfect mixture among the Do-si-dos and the Lemon Tree to convey the flavor to the most citrusy facet with out dropping the overpowering power. This variety is a jewel for fanatics of hashish concentrates, which in addition to achieving a most return gets a completely unique exceptional of terpenes.

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