Bring Water and Sunlight Into Your Reiki Practice

Air Therapy

Everybody breathes all day, but do you ever practice breathing? Fresh air is very therapeutic, especially for those of us trapped in big cities. Please don’t think that just because you’re in air conditioned rooms all day that your air quality is sufficiently good. Air conditioners are known to circulate stale air over and over again, spreading germs and dust throughout your office or home. Breathing artificial air that has been exhaled dozens of times without any fresh air input is a good way to pollute your lungs. All of us really need more fresh air. This means spending time in the garden, at the park or outside the big city. Fresh air invigorates your lungs, your heart and nourishes every organ in your body without exception. Practice the Pranayama breathing exercises explained in chapter seven for many ways to enhance the quality and quantity of oxygen in your lungs.

Qigong, Chinese Traditional Medicine and Naturopathy all recommend abdominal breathing to replenish the body’s energy. I don’t know any schools or universities where this is taught.  alesco   The overwhelming dominance of pharmaceuticals marketed to address every health condition blinds us to our need for plenty of fresh air to be truly strong and vital. It’s no coincidence that observation of the breath is a principal technique in Vipassana meditation. Next time you’re feeling depressed, sleepy or sluggish, take a good luck at your breathing habits before you reach for a chemical solution to your woes.

Breathing with Reiki

You can also bring Reiki into your breathing practice while sitting at your desk, in your meditation room, or preferably outdoors. Close your eyes and breathe in while visualizing Cho Ku Rei entering your lungs. On your next breath, visualize Sei He Ki as you inhale, visualizing it circulating from your lungs into your heart and bloodstream. On the third breath, visualize Ho Sha Ze Sho Nen entering your body and nourishing every cell of your body with highly energized Reiki. Continue breathing like this for 5 to 10 minutes, as long as you enjoy the visualization and breathing therapy. This is also a good way to review your study of Reiki 2 symbols.

Naturopathy and Sunlight

The sun has received a bad reputation in recent years with the prevalence of skin cancer. Yes, sunshine needs to be taken in moderation at appropriate times, but with that caveat in mind, all people truly need sufficient sunshine. The truth is, solar energy is vital to well being. Taiji recommends facing the morning sun as it rises in the east to absorb the yang energy of the sun. Naturopathy recommends going for a walk or practicing yoga outdoors in the morning to collect the beneficial rays of the sun before it becomes too intense. At home, we place our water in bottles to absorb the sunshine for one day before drinking it. In yoga, one of the best known practices is called surya namaskar, which translates as sun salutations. Whether you practice yoga every morning or go for a walk in the early hours of the day, be sure you are getting ample natural sunlight. Artificial light in offices and homes may suffice to light the workplace, but these electronic sources of light do not carry the vital life giving energy of the sun.

Natural light is composed of many colors of different wavelengths including all the colors of the rainbow, which are all the colors of the chakras. This demonstrates the inter-relationship between Naturopathy, Reiki, Yoga and the chakra system. All the colors combine to make nourishing white light. Despite nearly constant propaganda on television and billboards to whiten, lighten and brighten your skin using cosmetics, have you ever seen advertisements to enjoy the benefits of the early morning sun? In fact, sunlight is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic. Anybody in Scandinavia can attest that sunlight is an effective anti-depressant. With all these properties, let’s hope that nobody tries to monopolize the market on sunlight because it truly is the greatest power in our part of the universe.

Sorry, this doesn’t give you a license to sunbathe all day long. Rather, strive to benefit from the natural, free and unadvertised bounty of solar energy early in the morning or late in the afternoon. If you are cycling across the country during the hot season, by all means, take appropriate precautions to protect your skin from the dangerous effects of intense and prolonged exposure to mid-day sun.

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