Choose The Best Style of Dance For You

Dance is quickly becoming more popular than ever and there are loads of different styles to choose from. With so many different styles, there is almost certainly one that will suit you and this article outlines some of the main ones.


Ballet is one of the most iconic styles of dance and can be traced back as early as the 1400s. However, it was under the rule of Louis XIV that it developed into the form in which it is recognised today. Classical ballet is a highly traditional style of dance that is usually performed to the accompaniment of classical music. It’s also taught all around the world which has led there to be many variations of this wonderful style of dance cryptowatchdaily  . As ballet incorporates many of the foundation techniques used for other styles of dance ranging from contemporary through to jazz, many professional dancers have at least some grounding in ballet.

If you’re looking to take up ballet then you will almost certainly find a wide range of dance schools in your local area which are willing to teach you. It’s likely that you will study either under the ISTD or RAD syllabus which are widely recognised examining bodies in the art form. It’s often thought that you have to be very young to start ballet which can be true if you want to pursue a professional career as a ballet dancer. However, many adults also take part in ballet classes recreationally as it’s a great way to learn a new skill, keep fit and meet new people.


Even though jazz dancing does not date back as far as ballet, it has a particularly unique history. It’s roots can be found in the African and slave traditions and has continued to evolve ever since. The result is that jazz dancing takes inspiration from a wide variety of other forms of dance such as ballet, contemporary and, most recently, hip hop.

Jazz is great fun to learn as it incorporates a complex mix of twists, spins, turns and kicks. Some of the most iconic jazz dance styles include works by renowned choreographers Bob Fosse and Jack Cole. The fact that it takes influences from so many other dance styles makes it highly durable too, as it can provide an excellent foundation for other styles including hip hop and tap dancing.

If you decide that jazz dancing is the style for you, it’s highly likely that you’ll be required to learn at least the very basics of ballet dancing. Even though on the surface it may seem that they’re two completely different styles of dance which involved different clothing, movement styles and techniques, many of the skills required by the ballet dancer provide an excellent foundation for jazz dancing.


Tap dancing is a highly exciting style of dance. Metal plates attached to the ball and heel of the dancer’s foot create a percussive sound as they hit the floor. This means that the dancer can become an intrinsic part of the music to which they are performing which when combined with a mixture of leaps, turns, kicks, and spins creates a highly exciting and impressive performance – particularly when performed with a chorus!

In order to tap dance, a grounding in jazz dancing is highly beneficial as many of the spins, twists, kicks and other movements are highly similar. If you already have some experience in jazz dancing then it’s worth asking your teacher about tap dancing as it’s a great deal of fun!


Unlike jazz dancing and tap dancing, a grounding in ballet dancing is not required for ballroom as this is a completely different style of dance altogether. Rather than referring to only one style of dance, the term “ballroom dancing” actually refers to a wide range of partner dances such as the Cha Cha Cha, American Smooth and Latin amongst others.

If you’ve decided that ballroom dancing is for you then you’ll find a multitude of ballroom classes in your local area. It used to have a somewhat stereotypical reputation for being for the older generation but TV hits such as “Strictly Come Dancing” have shown that this does not have to be the case. Ballroom dancing can be sexy, exciting and great fun to be a part of and as a result, it has recently seen an explosion in its popularity across all age groups.

There are countless other styles of dance not discussed here for you to choose from but we’ve decided to focus on some of the main ones. Whichever style you choose to learn, we hope you enjoy it because dancing is all about having lots of fun!

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