Downtown Denver Real Estate Guide to Homes, Condos, Townhomes and Lofts

Living in and owning downtown Denver real estate can be an exhilarating experience. Whether buying or leasing, being a part of the vibrant lifestyle is surely something to look forward to. With the downtown Denver real estate market holding its own while the rest of the country is experiencing a downturn is a testament to the vision of its great leaders and residents. And with the largest transportation project in the country underway as well as the redevelopment of Union Station there is no better place to be.

Downtown Denver Homes
Downtown Denver homes and surrounding neighborhoods have some of the most beautiful properties in the country. Whether a Historic Victorian in Five Points or Baker, a Capital Hill Denver Square, a Washington Park Bungalow to a Denver Country Club stately mansion there is something for everyone. Neighborhood zoning codes determine how large a new home may be built depending on lot size and set backs. With more children moving into the city smaller versions of bungalows not protected are being scrapped for larger homes with modern conveniences.

Downtown Denver Condos
Downtown Denver condos as well as other neighborhoods are a convenient way to experience the city lifestyle without the added time of maintenance. Neighborhoods such as Uptown, Golden Triangle, and Ballpark are also experiencing a surge in condo development. With the high cost of land in these areas and zoning codes allowing high density there is sure to be more on the horizon. Another downtown neighborhood called the Arapahoe Square is poised for resurgence with mixed use and high density. This area is bounded by 20t to Park Avenue and Tremont Place to Lawrence Street. This will be an area to keep an eye on in the future.

Downtown Denver Townhomes
Downtown Denver Townhomes are one of the most popular new construction options. With the high price of land and height requirements in certain neighborhoods more of this product is being built. Neighborhoods like Riverfront, Highlands, Lower Highlands (LoHi), Cherry Creek, Curtis Park, Berkeley, and many others are seeing a surge of attached homes. Town Homes offer a great alternative to a single family home in these neighborhoods where land cost would make a single family home just to cost prohibitive for most buyers.

Downtown Denver Lofts
Downtown Denver Lofts are typically found in lower downtown which at one time was the warehouse district. With the completion of Coors Field in 1995 complete gentrification of surrounding blocks began with the conversion of warehouses and old office buildings into residential homes. A loft typically has exposed brick or concrete walls and exposed ductwork. The last of the historic buildings in all of downtown located at 15th and Wynkoop is currently being converted to office space with two lofts at the top of the building. Some builders took the term lofts to mean exposed ductwork within new construction. This however didn’t last long as the buyer looking for new construction usually wants a finished product. Lofts can be found on streets like Wynkoop, Wazee, Blake, Market and a few others. One drawback of a true loft can sometimes be lack of AC and the ability to make interior changes due to brick or concrete walls.

Denver City Living is very experienced and knowledgeable of the downtown Denver real estate market as well as many other neighborhoods within the county of Denver. We have lived in neighborhoods such as Washington Park, Mayfair, Lodo, Five Points/Curtis Park, and have sold homes in every neighborhood in Denver. For your entire city close or downtown Denver real estate needs contact the real estate agents at Denver City Living today.

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