Jobs for New Immigrants in the United States

On winning the Diversity Visa Lottery, you will be granted an immigrant visa, only if you are found to be eligible to immigrate to America. Qualifying to immigrate to America is nothing but meeting all the eligibility requirements for permanent resident status in the United States. Apart from that, you must have the qualifying work experience or the educational qualification, according to the DV lottery requirement. You may not be able to find a job in the United States without the required educational qualification or work experience.

Non US citizens will not be allowed to work in the United States without a work permit but as you enter the United States with an immigrant visa, you may use your passport with the temporary I-551 stamp until you get a Green Card, to get employed in the United States. Finding a job in the United States will be the first thing you must do on entering the USA.

There are various industries such as manufacturing industries and various IT companies where you can find a job. If you are a person with a 12 year primary and secondary education and if you do not have work experience, you may initially find a job in restaurants or malls. People with work experience can find jobs according to their previous work experience. Though it is not such an easy task to find a job in a new country you can try finding jobs in states where there are ample job opportunities. These are some of the American states with most job openings, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington D.C., Wisconsin, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio, Massachusetts, New York, Florida and California.

A new comer may easily find a job, if he tries to settle in one of these states. Silicon valley in Northern California is a cybercity which offers numerous jobs and also offers a high-tech salary. A new immigrant can find a suitable job there, if he is qualified. Hence an individual who has an IT background, may find a job in the Silicon Valley, which is now well-known for its inventions in internet and software services. You can also get employed in product the United States, if your employer abroad is willing to transfer you to the USA after you get your immigrant visa. This is possible only if you work for such a company that has its branches in the United States and in your home country.

Massachusetts is one of the American states with more job openings in the manufacturing industries. Starbucks Coffee Company in Washington, has planned to offer manufacturing jobs, along with jobs related to construction, transportation and certain other supply chain functions. Immigrants with the qualifying primary and secondary high school education, can find jobs in malls and restaurants. Those are the places where a person with little or no work experience may be able to find a job.

There are more than 47,000 shopping malls in America, big and small. A new immigrant can initially find a job in a shopping mall, in the state where he plans to reside. Similarly there are more than 200,000 full-service restaurants in the United States, where newcomers may find jobs. Dunkin’ Donuts, KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Domino’s Pizza are certain restaurant chains found in almost all the American States. A new comer may also try to find a job in such chains.

While entering the United States as a new immigrant, you must prepare yourself with an open mind without focusing on a specific kind of job. Many jobs in the United States require more experience and references. You can try different opportunities and fit in any kind of job that you are able to get initially. Though you have qualifying work experience, at times you may be offered an entry-level position. Most employers are not comfortable in hiring immigrants as they have an idea that the immigrants may not commit to a long-term employment. You can overcome such circumstances by showing your strong commitment in the area where you reside in the United States and establish that you have a long vision.



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