Massage Marketing Ideas

Why Use Massage Marketing Ideas?

A great way to get clients is to get out and meet people in your community. If you pick something Hepburn Spring & Daylesford MAssage you love doing, your energy tends to be higher and people will be attracted to that as well.

To effectively promote your business in your community you’ll also want to pick something that your potential clients will be interested in doing.

Here’s some massage marketing ideas that could work for you:

Sponsor A Block Business Party.

Find other local businesses in your area and all get together to arrange a block party, then make sure your business cards and other material are readily available.

One of the most effective ideas is to do a “prize draw” where everyone enters their information for the chance to win a massage from you.

You then have a list of interested potential clients to market to.

Give Free Talks

One of the least used but most powerful ideas is to give a free talk at your local library about the benefits of massage and teach them some relaxation exercises.

If you have a specialty, this will be even more effective as the benefits will apply to everyone in your target market.

You can then hand out your business cards at the end or pass around a list for people to sign up to get more information.

Write Articles For Your Local Paper.

If you can get a regular monthly column, so much the better, otherwise try to tie what you do to what’s currently going on in the news.

Papers are always looking for good content and writing articles or a column for them will give you a lot of credibility among their readers.

Provided your potential clients read your local paper, either of these massage marketing ideas, will give you some valuable free publicity.

Joint Ventures

Putting together a joint venture with some of your local health and fitness clubs is another idea that produces great results.

You can offer them a great deal for their members and you’ll find new clients through it. You could do the same with any local health food stores too.

You’ll want to make sure you pick locally owned clubs and stores though, as they are more likely to be able to enter a joint venture with you.

The Ultimate Massage Marketing Idea

All of these ideas will hopefully have got you thinking about what you want to do to promote your massage business.

To discover the easiest and most effective way to do this, simply request the free 7 Steps To Instant Clients program from Massage Marketing Made Easy.

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