Computer Scientist Tests Online Video, Proves it Doesn’t Work

Recently I was talking with my friend Jim Yaghi (a computer scientist-turned-Google-AdWords-wizard) about testing sales letters against things like video, text, audio, etc. And we got to rapping about all the online video hoopla.

Does it REALLY always out-covert text? Is it REALLY the way all sales letters are gonna be eventually? Will it REALLY be something you “must” use or die on the vine?

His answer?

No, nope and nuh-uh.

In fact, let’s play fantasy land for a second. Let’s assume video is best when all other things are equal. Does that mean YOU should use it? Not necessarily. For example, if you’re better at writing, but can’t make a decent video to save your life (due to technical and/or presentation issues, for example) then video probably will not be your best bet. (Maybe, maybe not.)

Same with audio, too. (Or whatever you’re testing.)



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