Straightening That Mane of Curly Hair

Back in the “good old days” of hair straightening women tried all sorts of different things; including taking a good old clothing iron to their hair to get that straight hair look. Of course intense heat and steam weren’t the best thing for anyone’s hair and this normally resulted in hair damage that was hard to fix.

This is no longer the case in this more modern area of hair care. There are products and hair styling tools available today that are able to straighten even the curliest hair without the damage of yesteryears offerings.

If your hair is extremely curly getting it straight will take some time and effort. It’s not really something you can do if you’re in a hurry but as you get better at it it will take less time. Here are the steps to follow to make the process work the best.

The first step is to shampoo and condition your hair with a deep conditioner to protect against dryness and damage. Use a towel to dry your hair then apply a straightening gel which will prepare your hair for the process. Before firing up the hair dryer let your hair partially air dry.

When you’re ready to start blow drying pin up the top portions of your hair to the top of your head. Using a flat paddle or round brush dry one section of your hair at a time by pulling a small section out straight and drying it. Work it section by section until your hair is totally dry. Now your hair is prepped for the final straightening process.

The styling tool you’ll need for this step is a hair straightening flat iron; preferably a ceramic plated ionic tourmaline type that provides even heat which prevents hair damage. These come in different widths but for the first timer a 1.5 inch model will work well. It gives you better control then larger models and works more hair area then smaller sizes.

A good flat iron will also have multiple temperature settings allowing you to customize the heat needed for your particular hair type. The thicker, coarser, and curlier your hair the higher the temperature will need to be. Of course this doesn’t mean crank it up to its highest setting because you can seriously damage your hair if the heat is too high. Experiment and start with a lower setting and work your way up until you get the results you are looking for.

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