Hair Straighteners Have Come A Long Way In A Short Time

Hair straighteners first became vogue in the late sixties to early seventies when the sleek super straight hair came on the scene. At that point, there really wasn’t a design for this tool so people used what they could find. Sadly, that was often your standard household iron. Many people would burn their hair by trying to make it smooth and sleek. This quickly led the way for hair straighteners to come on the scene.

Very simple in design, the first batch were nothing more than low level irons hinged together. They were crude tools that did one thing, they still did the job and let women and some men have the now classic hippie hairstyle.

Over the years, people began to modify and improve upon the original hair straighteners, eventually designing what you find on the market today. Today they are not just designed to straighten hair; they can also add body, and even curls and waves when used correctly.

If your hair is wavy at all, then you need to invest in a good set of hair straighteners. They will do everything you could imagine, from straightening your hair to giving you a full head of bouncy curls. And with today’s technology, there is less of a chance of burning your hair. In fact, if you follow the directions you won’t even realize that you are heat treating your hair.

Whether you opt for the ceramic ones or the newer ones that come with a spinning brush, I am sure you will find that hair straighteners are not what your mother used. They are compact, light-weight, and easy to use even for the most novice of hair designers. Every household that has hair should have at least one of these handy tools in their closet. My preference is to have two. A larger one for mass straightening and a smaller one to fine touch my hair, or to add curl to it.

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