Why Indie Music Artists Have Cord Less Mouse With Social Media

What would be most important trends minor and personal and mid-sized businesses to pay attention to in 2012? We summed upward with Mirielle.S.R.P. (Mobile, Strategy, Resourcefulness and Price). Here’s the in-depth answers. All of these tactics certainly aren’t you will discover potentially industry and we definitely didn’t cover everything, but based on there are a few things in here worth a show up.

This makes certain that for now your advertising services remain in should. When you advertise through a banner ad, Facebook turns into a portion among the sale. Preserving the earth . this portion that allows Facebook to be free to your public. It’s going to stay free as long as genuine effort . daily advertising by companies and businesses that want place their banner ads onto the positioning.

Slow cooker crock pot meals do not come together in a lone hour. They take a long time to cook and simmer. Likewise, social media is no overnight idea. It takes time develop your platform and figure out where you fit topic ..

Mr. Systrom who just made $450m from generally of Instagram to Facebook, struggled regarding his previous commencement Burbn. Specific to the mobile space he struggled to explain it to anyone so he involved in the piece that people got – the photo feature!

There the actual downside to working with this myspace and Facebook site, over its rival MySpace. You won’t be in the have the page layouts and designs that are available through the use of HTML or CSS. This social networking website the particular text based program to customize profiles. This is probably one of the many reasons individuals use MySpace as their social networking site, yet many people use both Facebook and MySpace so that they’re going to connect far more people. You need to use this method as all right.

Review news feeds of your friends. Characteristic is which are available from the home page as the down arrow on the far right of house page tabs and gives you to look at the feeds of one’s Friends Data. Friend Lists allow for you to definitely create private groupings of friends based on your personal preferences. I have got my lists created by industry, we all.e. Coaches, Virtual Assistants, Marketing Professionals, Traffic to Watch, thus. Pick one list and comment on those feeds just when you would individual.

You say you’ve had enough of the social media scene and never feel like learning company cards . new computer software? Don’t overlook the power of Instagram for your campaign. Is a perfect solution for on-the-go companies who want to spruce up their marketing as they move from day. Around the globe an excellent tool with regard to those of totally free whataburger coupons resources it may offer live.

As a communications expert, all this excites you. Social media provides new opportunities to talk and to plug in. The fun part is joining the class. What are you waiting for? Now that you know which you know something about the social media, and additionally you know that no one knows what’s next, come join the company! See addmelike on Twitter.

5 Incredible Digital Marketing Tactics for Online Startups

Here are some of the factors that you should consider when setting up the marketing strategy:

Target audience;
Social integration;
Online environment;
Follow-up marketing;
Content offerings;
Conversion and CTAs;
Differentiators; and

Setting an effective digital marketing strategy is essential before you even think about the money that you should spend.

Benefits of crafting an effective digital marketing strategy
Today, digital growth demands for multiple-channel marketing campaigns. Having a clear marketing funnykareltje¬†strategy helps you get an idea of how your multiple marketing channels relate with each other. Using the right strategy will ensure that everything is running smoothly whether it’s paid digital ads or content marketing.

A good marketing strategy is crucial when it comes to determining the amount that you should spend for your marketing campaigns. It allows you to determine how to allocate budgets and milestone costs.

An effective digital marketing strategy will help you identify where your prospective customers are located and how you can reach them. Different audiences require a certain strategy to engage them. For example, you may consider using social media campaign for a certain audience, while others might be more likely to engage with compelling PPC campaign.

I understand that different digital marketing strategists and agencies use their own proven marketing strategy. Below I have outlined the 5 tactics that will help you craft an outstanding marketing strategy process.

I have used these tactics to understand my customer needs and identify effective tactics that I often use to create successful marketing campaigns for their businesses.

1. Project Kick Off
As a professional digital marketer, I understand that identifying objectives and goals is the first step to a successful marketing campaign. Learning about a few facts regarding my clients helps me create a cohesive project timeline, as well as project brief.

The initial phase is critical whether you’re dealing with a new brand that is looking for the best place to start or an existing company that is looking for effective ways to maintain and improve their client base.

Please note that your kick off will help you have a clear understanding of the overall project.

2. Market Research & Analysis
Carrying out research and analysis is essential in order to determine the cultural and market trends that are linked to the brand and the customers. At this stage, you should typically audit the industry and evaluate its characteristics and landscape.

By doing this, you will easily determine your target audience and have a clear understanding of what they want. In addition, it helps you come up with a strategic process that reveals what your clients actually need from your company or brand.

3. Engagement phase
The third stage is the engagement process. At this period, you should determine how you can best interact, engage, connect, and communicate with the right audience at the right time, using the best tactics.

I often take advantage of key performance indicators which show me whether the company will get more customers when I implement certain tactics. Yes, I can easily do this because, at this point, I have gained a thorough understanding of the industry and objectives.

I write compelling content that is dedicated and tailored to address specific audience needs during the engagement phase.

4. Effective Concept Development
Now, we proceed to the effective concept development stage, after laying a proper foundation in the initial stages. Go ahead and develop campaign creatives for your digital marketing project.

Individual needs of your clients, the ultimate goals of your brand, as well as each and every piece of creative, come first. This way, you can easily execute effective tactics that serve your customers’ purpose and needs.

5. Execution Plan
It is advisable that you create an effective action plan for executing your ideas during this stage. Refresh an effective strategy when dealing with both new and existing brands.

You should present a timeline for the execution of all initiatives, develop effective media plans and make recommendations for budget allocation.

Implementing effective marketing tactics for your business
Your business needs an effective marketing strategy in order to thrive online. Failure to that, you will face rampant competition from your competitors. There is a good chance that your business will succeed and dominate your industry online if you have put in place a well-thought-out marketing strategy to meet your company’s objectives and goals.

Using a strategic approach is the solution to beating your competitors online and offline. To be precise, don’t forget to put a proper foundation for your digital marketing campaign.

6 Tips For Bloggers To Leverage Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is not a new concept now. Still, a lot of companies and experts lack the actual understanding of the subject. There are still many dark areas to explore for many. Actually, every blogger also needs it. So, here are my 6 tips for bloggers to leverage digital marketing. It is easy if you apply common sense and go for it with a proper strategy. abscheel In fact, it doesn’t require you to pay to somebody else for it. If you just acquire some basic understanding, you can do it yourself. So, let us try to take a deep dive into the subject to understand it better. The Internet has been a revolution in everybody’s life. In fact, technology gets a new meaning with it. Similarly, marketing has become easier and faster. Definitely, for businesses and entrepreneurs, it might become important to hire an agency or an expert.

The reason for that is businesses can’t afford to lose their sales because of lack of their knowledge in the field. That is why they can even think of outsourcing their marketing to an agency. But bloggers can’t do that. Contrarily, they also need to market their posts appropriately. So, here are a few tips for bloggers to leverage digital marketing.

#1. Manage Your Online Presence

Every blogger needs to know how your readers perceive your blog and posts. If you look at blogging arena, it is no less than an ocean. Every day new bloggers are born at an exponential rate. So, just imagine why someone would like to spend the time to read your 300/500/700/1500 words post. While your blog is obviously your home ground, but you also need to play on various social media platforms that are not basically your home ground. How do you make your presence on various social media platforms? What is the frequency? How do ensure every new post you write that is worth mentioning through various platforms reaches your followers well in time. Mind it that it is not only your followers that would get to know about your new post. There are people who keep a track on new posts on the basis of keywords or hashtags.

If you are a blogger do go through these tips for bloggers to leverage digital marketing. Understanding your niche is quite important. For instance, if you review products, do you post reviews on other review sites? Do you visit relevant forums and participate in topics of your interest? How is your post performing in Google Search? What more can you do to improve its rank?

#2. Your Time Is Your Marketing Budget

Now, since you are not spending money on outsourcing an expert, you have to invest something substantial at your end. That is your time. You need to spend the time to research well and understand well the crux of the matter. Otherwise, the benefit of these tips for bloggers to leverage digital marketing will not be that fruitful. At times, you might feel that you are in a tunnel with no end and light visible. But the situation will not remain same for long. You will become expert swimmer only if you practice on daily basis. Merely standing at the pool will not bring that expertise. Similarly, you need to have that urge to dive deeper to draw out more.

#3. Your Blog Post Sharing Is As Good As Your Marketing Campaign

When you share your new post on social media platforms does it fetch some interest? Do you get organic reshares, likes, and comments? If not, there is something wrong with your marketing strategy. Either your post is having juicy content or you have not been able to present it well on social media. Learn about the concept of relevant hashtags, keywords, and context to attract more people. Use some tools to find out which social media brings more traffic to your blog. What is the reason that another platform is not fetching that much response? Try to post in some engaging manner. It has to be a perfect mix of the right post with the right pitch.

#4. Gain Knowledge Of Marketing Trends

I covered it in the point above. I hope these tips for bloggers to leverage digital marketing will benefit you in some way.

#5. Test Your Posts

Keep an eye on your posts. Some posts will always do better than others. Definitely, there was something in those that could attract more visitors. Similarly, if comments are not something happening regularly on your posts, some posts attracting comments means there is a reason behind it. Try to analyze. Spend time on these posts to understand what was better that is lacking in other posts.

#6. Make Marketing Your Top Priority

Remember that your blog and posts are yours. If you are not convinced, you will never be able to convince anybody else. Spend time daily on this exercise. Take these tips for bloggers to leverage digital marketing as starting points. Once you are on the right track, you will find your own ways to excel further.

In the end, I would like to request something. When you find out some more ideas that work well for you, don’t forget to come back and share them in the comment section so that others can get help and I will have some fresh tips for bloggers to leverage digital marketing. After all, it is all about your passion that needs some polishing so that others feel the glitter.

What Is The Importance of Digital Marketing for Branding?

It has a high significance in branding as it gives recognition to your brand. It also enables the digital presence through which your brand acquires its targets like reaching targeted audiences. johandeboose You will span over to different online channels when your online marketing resources are high. Online presence assists brands to get connected with their market it also allows them to reach the right place through a proper medium. Brands achieve high goals from their online presence.

Digital Marketing has a high role in bringing more success to brands as they get accessibility by using this medium. Various factors contribute to showing up the substantiality of being present online.

Online Presence is much Needed in Business:

The importance of traditional marketing cannot be lessened but it is also a fact that having the best online presence of your brand is necessary too, it allows you to explore multiple audiences targeting avenues. There is a lot of potential in investing in online marketing. The brands shall capitalize more emphasis on digital marketing for making their branding turn successful. The online presence can improve the visibility of your brand. You shall be using this marketing medium because your competitors also utilize these tactics for business visibility.

It Increases Your Traffic:

When you use this resourceful resource of online marketing you increase the traffic redirected to your website. In this way, the audience gets to know your products and when you reach the high traffic you can offer promotions and offers that will make you interact with the customers. When a customer starts to know about your brand then it will be more convenient to sell your products to them.

It is Affordable:

When you start with digital marketing you will get to know that it is more feasible than the other methods you use for marketing. No doubt it is more affordable than the other marketing strategies getting you more high potential results. It is the most beneficial medium to do your marketing. You can get a maximum of it whilst not investing a high amount.


There are many avenues of online marketing that you can use for making your brand stand popular. You have flexible options as you can go for ad banners, email marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing. You can be creative to game up your digital presence. You can get the best publicity strategies when you do some research. In digital marketing, you have the flexibility to stop the campaigns that don’t show up with good results.

Maintain Interaction:

When you get the reach and visibility to your customers you can be interactive with them through replying to their comments on your website and your posts. You can reach out to them through messaging them this exhibits to a customer that you care for them. This builds a strong community of your customers. It also helps you getting know the customer preferences and reactions so this also turns to be market study. In this way the linkage between you and your clients gets stronger and more string your bond with them turns they get to develop trust in you.

Your Business Gets The Reach:

It ultimately gets you more significant potential reach as your marketing isn’t limited but you get the engagement of the nation by adding new targeted areas as there is no need to only stick locally but you can expand your brand nationwide. Through digital marketing, your tailored content will be reached to the masses as there is a high line to get the tailored content written in the way that it compels your customers to shop from you. You aim shall be to focus on branding your business in such a unique way that your publicity excels with reaching the audience. The chances of your visibility are high when you are present online and got the best marketing strategies.

Use of Digital Marketing in Travel Industry

Digital marketing applies to all fields of business be it textiles, electronics or even travel. Recently, marketing is done via the internet due to the huge consumer market using the internet frequently. Before wide use of internet, it used to be focused on the radio, television and mobiles. ilouboutin As more and more people use the internet, from big businessmen to the common public, it has also changed its focus from the above means to the internet. Now you will see numerous ads and posts on various web sites and web pages.

Why do companies all over the world use these techniques? Well the answer is quite simple. It focuses a large number of people at the same time. You might like to argue with the fact that so does print media, but digital media is fast and delivers information in a matter of seconds. Customers prefer information in real time and they also prefer companies which advertise online.

Due to the large prospects of success in the marketing filed, many companies and agencies have been established due to the very fact of the world wide success of digital marketing. These agencies and consultancies provide services in the field of marketing such as giving advice on which digital marketing strategy would be the best for your company and they also guide you step by step on how to plan out your strategy and execute it.

Recently, it has become a major trend of advertisers to use search engines to advertise their products. This is quite a successful tactic and is a win-win situation, as both the advertisers and the search engines benefits by this arrangement. Google which is a major search engine used by many nations of the world has been advertising many products online. Recently, they have even entered the travel industry.

Google as bought the ITA software for $700 million making it the sixth largest transaction Google has ever made. What was the reason behind this large sum of money? Well for starters, Google wanted to expand in to each and every industry and the travel industry seems to hold a lot of potential. Also, this deal would give Google an edge over its competitors making it even more formidable as a competitor.

What is ITA? Well it is basically software which provides behind-the-scenes data on flight times along with available seats and price levels. It helps not only travel agencies but also normal consumers who just want information. The deal has caused quite a lot of turmoil amongst travel agencies and Google’s competitors. Travel agencies are afraid that their job would be taken over if Google could simple provide flight information on search results and Google’s other competitors are worried of the fact that Google would now have complete control of the internet.

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A Unified Digital Marketing Solution

The latest trend in digital marketing is the emergence of various digital marketing platforms. Marketers typically end up using different applications such as a marketing automation platform, nieuwsbladdeltapost a CRM system and a Web Analytics tool. They might also have a Content management System for their public facing website. According to a recent McKinsey study, the ability to generate and leverage deep customer insights is becoming a necessity for marketers to compete effectively.

Multiple digital platforms working in silos do not communicate with each other and thus fail to provide a common view of the customer across multiple channels. This essentially creates a big obstacle in extracting the customer centric insight from the huge chunks of data collected from the various digital marketing platforms which are working independently. It involves lot of time and effort to collate this data for analysis.

The solution to this is to deliver a holistic platform that integrates all these digital marketing platforms together to create a connected ecosystem and deliver a single view of the customer.

Insights derived from how consumers behave and interact online can inform everything from product development and innovation to sales processes. However few companies are taking full advantage of the opportunity presented by exponentially increasing volumes of customer data. This is partly because there’s no single solution common for all companies. Organizations need to consider factors such as the extent to which digital operations should be integrated within existing commercial functions, whether it should be centralized or regionally based, and how much online activity should be standardized rather than tailored by geography, product, or service. It also requires a commitment to gathering, analyzing, and deploying data much more effectively than most companies currently do.

The optimal digital solution depends on the needs and business goals of an organization and it varies from one organization to another. To obtain the integrated solutions that can manage digital marketing across all channels to drive increased demand generation and customer acquisition, marketers need a systematic approach that, when followed, can lead them to the right mix of capabilities, and eventually, platforms that they would like to implement.

To begin with, first one needs to understand their customers (their industries, roles and needs; their buying cycle, pain points and motivators). This forms the foundation to identify the capabilities that an organization needs to have to market and engage their prospects and customers. Then comes selecting the right digital marketing platforms to that will deliver these capabilities and finally all these platforms need to be integrated to provide that unified engagement framework or holistic solution that will ensure a unified messaging with a single view of the customer across all channels.

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The Top 10 Don’ts of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the method of marketing in which we use various electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. It also entails the usage of software programs, vincentpeters apps and technological platforms such as email, websites, social media, etc. vincentpeters.nlThe world of digital marketing is a vast one in which we can easily get lost.

Because of all the advances and changes in technology, it can be hard to keep up on all the latest trends and methods encompassed by digital marketing. Digital marketing strategies include visual marketing, mobile marketing, and online marketing techniques of various kinds so it can all get very confusing and overwhelming.

We not only need to know what to do in the digital marketing world, we have to know what not to do. Below is a list of ten of the don’ts to hopefully help you trek through the massive digital marketing universe.

1. Closing Your Eyes on Mobile Marketing – The number of people who spend more time on the web with mobile devices is growing at a astounding rate. If you own an online business, you can no longer resist mobile devices as part of your digital marketing arsenal. The first step would be to make your website mobile device friendly. Many site builder programs such as WordPress have plugins and automatic features to do that for you. You can also add a line of code to your site that will format your site to the device being used. Be sure to try your website on your mobile devices to find out exactly how people are seeing it. Go through the mobile shopping experience yourself so you have a full understanding of what you need to do.

2. Too Much Social Media – Social media is so much a part of the internet these days it is impossible to expect to build a presence on all of the social sites. You need to pick 2 or 3 of the top sites and start building your brand and setting up your social presence. The most used social sites as of now are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. I get most of my social traffic from Facebook and Pinterest. Next in line is Google+, Tumblr and Instagram. If you can understand your target market you can become a part of the social sites in which they would most likely participate.

3. Information Overload – The digital marketing world is so vast we can easily become lost in the information. I, as well as many others, get caught in the trap of spending too much time gathering information from countless sources on various aspects of building an online business. We need to narrow our focus and learn only what we need to learn to successfully build our business. Find a few good sources for this information and stick with them to learn the ins and outs.

4. Not Having a User-Friendly Website – Many of us are tempted to create the biggest, brightest, flashiest website possible but this is a big mistake. You want your site design to be simple, easy to navigate and very user-friendly. Add only what is needed to inform your customers. You do want to add some extra content to provide information to your visitors but make sure it directly pertains to what your site is about. Do not clutter up your site with countless ads, irrelevant information or extra steps to get to your call to action. Fancy features and flashy extras will just confuse your customer and possibly drive them to another site.

5. Not Keeping Up with SEO Changes – SEO is very pertinent to your website but the rules and regulations are always changing. Find a good source of SEO information and follow it regularly to keep up with the changes so you can make any necessary revisions to your business website.

6. Not Utilizing Visual Marketing – By using visual marketing, you could increase your conversion rate by as much as 86%. This is a phenomenal statistic. Place a video on your landing and/or homepage. Strategically place quality graphics in your blog posts and content. Use visuals as much as possible in your social media marketing. Create and use your own infographics for your blog and social media. There are free tools for making infographics. Use a compelling photo or graphic in your articles. It could mean the difference between your article being read or rejected. Look over articles with photos. Does the photo pull you into the article and make you want to read it or does it leave you flat. Take note of the type of image used and what emotion or action it brings out in you. Placing a well-made video on your homepage or landing page will make a substantial difference as well. People will get the message much quicker than by reading and could be the deciding factor as to whether they stay or go. Be entertaining in the video but be sure to deliver your message. Your image and voice will also help your potential customer bond with you. You also want to get started in a fairly new visual marketing technique called meme marketing. This combines humor and real life situations with amusing and/or heartwarming images.

7. Not Testing and Tracking – Take advantage of Google’s free tools to study your stats and track your visitors. Google Analytics can help you tweak your site to its performance peak. Test ads, web pages, article resource boxes, etc. Find out what brings the best results and most response and stick with it.

8. Not Establishing the Relationship – Doing business with people digitally is much different than being able to talk with them face to face. It is harder for people to trust a webpage than an actual person so be sure to do all you can to build that relationship of trust and respect. Answer all email inquiries quickly and appropriately. Be reliable – if you say you are going to do something, be sure to do it. Be consistent – if you are sending out a weekly newsletter do not get lax and start missing weeks. Update your blog and product information regularly. Do not let your site go stale. Be consistent in your social media. Respond to all questions and comments in a timely manner. Let people know you are available for them and can be trusted.

9. Focusing too Much on Traffic and Not Enough on Conversions – Traffic is the lifeblood of an online business but you also need to focus on quality and targeted traffic. Getting 1000 visitors to your site doesn’t do much good if they are not interested in what you offer. Participate in groups and forums where people who are interested in your services might be. If you offer B2B products and services, join groups and forums of home business owners. We all want more traffic but we need to aim for the traffic to whom we can actually sell.

10. Charging Blindly Into the Marketing Abyss – Starting an online business and charging headfirst into the digital marketing world is not a good idea. You need to do some planning ahead and research what you are getting into. Know who your customers will be and where to find them. Make sure you are offering a sellable product or service. Be somewhat prepared for your dive into the digital marketing world.

These mistakes are very common but need to be addressed. If you are attempting to build an online business you need to be informed and constantly be adapting and learning. Digital marketing has come a long way since the early 90s and we need to grow and develop with it. It will be overwhelming at times but you can work to overcome and build a successful online business.

Digital Marketing In 2015

When it comes to search engine optimisation and digital marketing, the field has evolved drastically over the years. Now in 2015, data is omnipresent. Everything that is digitally inclined is interconnected through data consumption. As such, digital marketing is not simply about trying to sell your products online. Marketing professionals have to take extra measures to get to know their consumer base. replicamagic This means making the most of this data to know your potential clients’ buying habits, their interests, their online presence and more. Here are some of the digital marketing trends that you should concentrate on in 2015.

Analysing a larger scope of data

In years past, digital marketing mainly constituted having an online presence and then targeting your product to the masses. Now, however, there is more to that. As a business owner looking to make the most of online consumption, you would have to take into consideration several aspects of your potential consumers. These aspects include their purchase history, their online search patterns, their social media interactions and more. A mistake one would make is to simply concentrate on one area rather than look at the data as a whole. You see, taking in the information in solitude would not give you a clear perspective of your potential consumer. Hence, you now have a larger scope of data to analyse if you are to ensure that you are not basing your marketing strategies on a distorted perspective. Connecting all the dots enables you to acquire 20/20 vision on the larger picture when it comes to anticipating what your customers are currently interested in and how best you can market your products to them.

An increase in visuals

With the rise in use of smartphones, online users now have a variety of options when it comes to being engaged. With this in mind, simply having pictures of your products on your website would not be sufficient. The current digital marketing trends would require you to provide more scintillating data for your potential customers to garner their interest. Viral videos, memes and more all work toward generating interest toward a product or service. Making the most of entertaining visuals online would keep you a step ahead when creating a buzz with your target demographic.

Customised advertising

As aforementioned, the digital trends in 2015 are more user centric rather than for mass consumption. This is where social media comes in. In this digital age, potential customers want to feel special whether dealing with a start-up company or a conglomerate. They want to feel that they are important. With the adoption of mobile applications, advertising based on location and more, it is important to ensure that your advertising approach is real time rather than conventional advertising methods.

There are numerous other digital marketing trends that are evolving based on consumer needs. By tapping into the needs of your potential customers, the more successful your online digital campaigns would be.

Reece S Price who goes by his middle name of Steve is a digital marketing consultant with many years experience and believes that that interacting with people is the basis of a successful online campaign,


10 Costly Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

With the new year here, marketers have been working on and executing their 2016 digital marketing strategy. All professionals have plans to grow their business, build their brand, and be a leader in their industry. While a sense of urgency is essential to hitting all of these goals, livejive there are some mistakes to avoid during the planning and execution stages. These mistakes will set your business back in hitting your revenue targets, resulting in wasted time, effort, and cost.


Knowing your audience is the first place to start in building your digital marketing strategy. Without a clear understanding of your audience and its needs, your entire strategy will crumble. Digital marketing isn’t just about publishing content, tweets, and Facebook posts; it’s about getting a return on your efforts. If you don’t clearly understand your audience, you won’t be rewarded with the results you’re looking for.


In addition to knowing your audience, there needs to be a clear focus. Invest in the areas you know what works first for quick, quality wins. Long-term goals are a part of your digital strategy, but solid rewards along the way drives consistent and improved effort into reaching those longer goals, keeping momentum throughout your organization.


Expectations are key in setting your marketing team up for success and knowing where your team is in hitting annual targets. With every campaign launched, set a realistic goal. Factors that help set your goal can be budget for the campaign and ensuring you’re targeting the right audience. Come up with these numbers and audience types by reviewing past campaigns and analyzing the results and factors that went into producing them. Knowing or estimating the timeline from planning to execution is also a major factor in knowing when to expect results.


An essential part of any campaign strategy is establishing metrics of success. Measure your campaigns results against these metrics to determine where you’re getting the most ROI so you can invest intelligently in future campaigns.


Don’t post to social just for the sake of it; use these platforms to your advantage. Know the strengths of each platform as it pertains to your business. Facebook may be the best platform for customer engagement, and LinkedIn may be the best tool for sales prospecting. Craft your campaigns by the channel you’re planning to use to garner the best results.


Like social, content is essential but needs to be strategic. Publish content that’s:

Relevant to your brand
Speaks to the value of your product(s)
Connects with your target audience and presents a solution for the problem(s) your business solves.

This ties back to knowing your prospects and customers. Identify what your audience has responding well to: What has driven the most effective engagement? Based on your analysis, you may have to make minor or major shifts in your digital strategy.


Most particularly when you’re launching social campaigns, budget is a significant factor in a campaign’s success. Know your budget so you can set realistic goals and expectations for how your campaign will perform.


The world of digital marketing is evolving constantly, and being informed on best practices, trends, and what audiences are looking for helps companies keep up. Never stop learning about how to leverage digital marketing tools to grow your business.


A lack of planning could big the biggest mistake to make in executing on your digital marketing strategy. Your digital strategy should embody your brand, know your audience, and have clear goals that focus on growing your business.

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5 Benefits of Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

#1. Leveling the playing field with digital marketing

Big business may have the advantage in some arenas in the offline world, like elaborate storefronts, digi-radio big budget marketing initiatives to attract customers etc. But in the online world, it is not the size that matters, it is the strategy. A well thought through online experience for the customer can beat many elaborate storefronts any day. And none of it costs too much. In fact, the costs will be similar to what big business will have to incur to build a superior online customer experience. The only advantage they will have will be the economy of size.

#2. Measurable results with digital marketing

It allows the marketers to measure results at each step of the way. As a result, they can adjust their approach on the go, as against traditional marketing methods that become too dependent on finances for even the slightest of changes in approach. With digital marketing channels, each conversion can be tracked and lessons incorporated in the consecutive campaigns. Results are real time, so you don’t have to wait for even a day to understand the performance of your campaign.

#3. Engaging the audience in real conversations

Lately, brands have understood the need for meaningful conversation with the consumers. While the costs of doing that in traditional methods will be prohibitive, even for big businesses, it is not so in the digital ecosystem. It lays a lot of emphasis on real conversations with the consumers to make them feel connected with the brands they consume. These conversations not only help the consumers form a positive opinion about the brand, it also helps brand learn from their experience and deliver services that the consumers truly desire.

#4. Non intrusive messaging

Everyone dislikes getting phone calls or promotional mails at inconvenient times. With digital marketing, consumers have the option to refuse to receive promotional material. It is also highly relevant and targeted as they are already searching for products and services to buy in the first place. As a result, the pressure of conversion on the marketing team is much lesser than in traditional marketing channels.

#5. Global reach of every campaign

Every campaign has a global reach, regardless whether it is targeted to a specific area or target audience or not. This helps the brand to build a reputation beyond its geographical reach in a far more effective manner. Needless to say, the costs of doing the same will also be beyond prohibitive in traditional methods.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing has a lot advantages over traditional marketing & thereby a lot of traditional marketers are moving towards digital by acquiring digital marketing skills through advance digital marketing course.

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