The Two Most Important Words in Blogging

  • The First and Most Important Word is “You”


Read the opening sentence of this post again. On whom is this first sentence focusing?

Yes, you are right. It focuses on you, the reader. This is a very important point. When you are blogging, your customers are the most important people and you should focus on their needs. Each and every post should focus on your customers, irrespective of what specific niche you are writing about. You have to determine what your reader’s specific needs are and then focus on it. You will only benefit when readers benefit first.

When you are writing engaging content, you must remember this: The most powerful word in the English language is “you”. People are always looking for something that can fulfill their own needs. I know it sounds real harsh but I can assure you, your readers will not start caring about you if you do not offer them exceptional valuable information with your blog.

But then I have good news. Once they start trusting and caring about you, amazing things will start happening. It will be like a viral buzz. You will have loyal customers WHO will believe in you and they will keep coming back for your honest and valuable information.

You can go and change substantive content to make it focusing on your readers and it will definitely be more effective. Always remember to maximize the use of the word “you” and try to minimize or even eliminating the “I” and “me” in your approach.

I checked many blog posts concerning the above mentioned. How many times do the words “me” and “I” appear. You will be amazed to know the answer to this. In many of the posts the important word “you” and its derivations are missing.

If you want results that are effective, adjust your posts by using the important “you” word in your blog posts and I can assure you, the results will surprise you.


  • The Second Important Word is “Because”


I think you have noticed in my posts that I am a person who likes to be specific. I do not want to brag but out of experience I want to stress this point to you. To be more specific you will certainly gain more credibility with your points and arguments.

There are really many ways to be specific in your writing, but one of the ways that stands out is by simply give a reason why you say something. That is where the second most important word when blogging comes in. This word, is “because”. This is the most effective transition word when giving a “reason why”.

I was a subject advisor in the North West Education Department (South Africa) and I performed an experiment in our office. There was always a queue at our copier. Sometimes I was in a hurry due to meetings I had to attend. That was what triggered me to do the experiment.

I asked the people in front of me if I could first make my copies due to the fact that I wasin a hurry. I asked the question over a period of three weeks in three different ways. Here are the results:

Question 1:

Excuse me, I have three pages. May I use the machine?

48% said it is fine

Question 2:

Excuse me, I have three pages. May I use the machine because I am in a hurry?

91%said OK.

Already it is obvious that by giving the “reason why” I want to make my copies definitely have a huge effect on my request.

However, here is the one that really made me think twice!

Question 3:

Excuse me, I have three pages. May I use the machine because I have to make some copies?

89%said OK.

It emphasizes the effectiveness of the word “because”. It seems to me that the real “reason why” provided was not so much effective as the word “because”.

To summarize – always be specific in your approach and do not forget to give a reason why, especially in trying to achieve your goal with your readers. Always use the two most important words in blogging and it will create wonders for you and your online business.

I really hope these two words will be part of your content from now on and that it will be of a big help to you. I wish you success! Enjoy your blogging!

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