How Detailed Copywriting Can Draw in Online Shoppers

It is well known how advertising and presentation can affect the patronage of a brick and mortar shop. The same is true for an internet business, even if the implementation is different sometimes.

The fact is that a poor online experience can alienate customers of any type of company. A bad website reflects poorly on a business, which is why a good website is so important. The online experience can make or break a new company or a company looking to expand. This is probably self-evident, but it includes copywriting as well as advertising.

Visitors want to be engaged by a website. It has to have something interesting to grab their attention and hold it there. One of these things is the writing on the site, of course. Especially online, where the product cannot be felt or experienced except through pictures, it is important that words – the copy itself – is used to describe the product well enough that the reader feels that words are enough to know what is being offered in great detail. This may seem like a great task, but it really is not difficult to achieve if a few pointers are kept in mind.

Describe Everything
When it comes to using descriptive words, a thesaurus can be a very good friend. It can take an average word and replace it with something impressive or a specific word that drives the point home clearly and cleanly.

Think about how to describe something like ice cream, for instance. Words like ‘cold’ ‘tastes good’, ‘refreshing’ might come to mind, but they only go so far. Something bland like ‘Try our ice cream; it tastes good and is cold and refreshing’ probably is not going to draw in a great many customers.

What if the ice cream were ‘an icy treat that that comes in many fascinating flavors to turn any plain summer day into a bit of vacation’? Instead of ‘tastes good’ use words like ‘delicious’, or instead of ‘cold’ try ‘icy’. Try to never repeat words, either. When a concept comes up more than once, use a thesaurus to find an equivalent word. Even these words can have a bit added to them. Instead of ‘many flavors’, there are many ‘fascinating flavors’ or many ‘delicious flavors’.

Engage the Reader’s Senses
Since customers do not have an opportunity to inspect the merchandise as they do in a brick and mortar store, the copy should supply all the details necessary for the reader to make an informed purchase. More importantly, it should make the reader want to make a purchase just as much as experiencing the content physically would.

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