How To Print Plastic Membership Cards – Three Types Of ID Printers For All Budgets

Are you interested in printing plastic membership cards? Then, in this article we will go over three types of ID printers to print either photo ID cards, or customized plastic cards for your members that will not break your budget, regardless.

The three options are low budget – laminator, medium-high budget – single side plastic card printer and high budget – dual side plastic card printer with extra options. No matter whether you need to generate student ID badges, club members cards, gym membership cards, or any other loyalty cards, one of the three options will be right for you.

It just makes sense that, when your members are important to you, that you want to provide membership ID cards of highest quality that are still within your budget of course. Membership cards or ID cards are the one thing people usually carry with them in their wallets. So you will be creating a branding and a marketing instrument at the same time as well.

Low budget option: Rent or buy a laminator

You could take advantage of your existing laser or color laser printer, or an inkjet printer and print paper membership cards, and then laminate them using plastic pouches. Laminators are extremely cheap these days, so if you are printing membership cards frequently, this could be an option.

Furthermore, if you do not want to buy one, you could go to any office supply store and use theirs. Just prepare your membership cards on paper and select and buy plastic laminating pouches right at the office supply store.

Medium-to-high budget option: Get a single sided plastic card ID printer

These are getting to be quite affordable nowadays, you can snatch one for less than a $1,000! Add the cost of blank plastic cards, the color ribbon, and you will be able to generate plastic membership cards of highest quality for less than $0.50 each!

With plastic ID printer will not have to wait for the laminator to heat up, there will be no bubbles between the paper and the plastic pouch as with the laminator, and your end result will be credit-card quality cards with glossy finish that will be highly durable and you will be proud every time you look at them.

High budget option: Get a double sided plastic card printer with extras

When placing more information on your cards is a concern, go with the double-sided plastic ID printer and add additional options in the mix. You can add magnetic strip on the back to contain encoded member information. If you are concerned with security of the information or if you need more security features, make sure to add the hologram printing feature to the card.

Other security features you could find in a plastic membership card printer and its software are small print (0.5 mm high letters that turn into a line when copied), smart cards and contactless smart cards for storing biometric information such as signature, retina scan and fingerprint, shadow image print (applicable to photo IDs), and more.

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