Different Category Of Work Visa for America

Moving to America to explore better avenues has always been a preferred choice of citizens of several countries. In fact, such a large number of professionals have moved to the United States that a good percentage of professionals in the country are non-Americans. However, now with rules changing for all countries, USA has also come up with different categories of visas for foreign professionals who aspire to move and work in the country.

Based on the country’s immigration laws, various categories travelguidebook have been defined for people who want to work temporarily in the United States. Some of these visa types have a maximum annual number that can be issued to the professionals. The most sought-after visa category which is available for professionals working in a specialty profile is H1-B visa. It is a non-immigrant visa in the United States which allows the employers in the United States to employ foreign workers in various specialty occupations.

However, in H1-B visa, the condition is that in case the employee quits the job or is fired by the employer, he should either apply for a visa in another category and be granted a change in his status to another category or find another employer in the United States who will then aid in status adjustment or change. In case, the professional is unable to do any of these, he is bound to leave the United States and return back to his country. H2-B visa is applicable for unskilled or temporarily skilled workers who want to move to US and get engaged in a non-agricultural employment that is irregular, seasonal, one time occurring or seasonal employment.

Another major category which gets applications is the L1 category of work visa. This category applies to all non-Americans or foreigners who are working with a company which has its parent branch, subsidy or any affiliate office in America. To be eligible to apply for this visa, the applicants however should be employed as an executive or a manager. Generally, these visas are provided to people who have specialized knowledge.

Temporary skilled visa or the E-3 visa is especially created for the citizens of Australia. For this visa, the applicants should be employed in the US in a specialty occupation. While there are investors and trade visas that are applicable if you are willing to invest over $500,000 in a US company and create employment for at least 10 citizens for over two years. Though there is a chance for investors to reach US, it has various specifications that need to be met before it is granted.

Employment based preference visa system also allows several American employers to file petition to obtain permanent residency for some of their employees. However, this category is only available for a very small percentage of professionals willing to move to the country.

To understand whether you are eligible for the work visa to America, you can always consult an immigration lawyer and discuss the avenues available for your employment. In addition to consultation services, immigration attorneys are well-versed with the new changes in immigration law and regulations.

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