Wedding Chair Covers and Their Importance to Your Reception

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Nothing gives a grander and more magnificent appearance to a reception than colorful chair covers  wedding chair covers. Regardless of the style or type of material you choose, chair covers will definitely add greatly to the majesty of your wedding reception. Besides that they also serve other purposes.

Many people choose to rent tables and chairs and other items for their wedding from the local rental store. While this is much less than purchasing them you have to remember they are rented out continually and so they usually have some wear on them. You also have to deal with the fact that like all businesses, rental companies change suppliers and so they may have 4 or 5 different types of folding or banquet chairs that they deliver to your event. The only easy fix for this is to cover them with a suitable chair cover. This gives them a uniform look and makes it so they do not detract from the reception décor.

Because they come in different styles and materials they are very versatile and can be used in just about any reception setting. Most people choose to get white chair covers and then get a sash bow that is the same color as one of their primary wedding colors. Because of their “whiteness” they really help to let the sash bow stand out. Of course you can choose a white sash bow and have a monochrome look that does not detract from the other colors you use at the reception.

If you are going to be using a satin tablecloth or a satin runner or overlay many people try to use satin chair covers so that the look and feel is uniform for each table. I have seen receptions where they used a white polyester tablecloth with a colored satin overlay along with a white polyester chair cover and it looked spectacular. Because they come in different styles and materials, they work well with just about any combination of tablecloths, runners or overlays, and napkins.

If you are also planning on renting your chair covers then you need to make sure these all match or if that is not possible that you can find enough of the same shade to decorate one table. You may want to get the chair covers and sort them by shade and start on one side of the room with the whitest and work your way down to the more off white as you go across the room.

Be sure that prior to the service you actually get a chair cover and try it on one of the chairs you will be using at the reception. Chair covers just like chairs come in different widths and lengths so be sure you have chair covers that fit you chairs. You do not want to find out on your wedding day that you cannot cover the chairs because the cover is not wide enough.

Selecting chair covers is like anything else that is part of the wedding. Sit down and imagine the ideal reception and if chair covers are part of it be sure to get to the correct ones.

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