Transcription Services – Charging Methods

There are so many transcription services on the market today, some costing not much at all and some costing lots and lots of money. With many different charging models, today I’ll look at the different charging models and the best way you can get awesome quality transcription work without spending much. I’ll also show how cheap transcription services does not always mean low quality transcription work.

Charging Models

There are multiple models of how you get charged by transcription companies. These are the most common ones but certainly not all of them. We look look at the benefits and the negatives of each below.

Fixed Price

Fixed price transcription is normally coming up with a combination of the below methods; normally a customer will submit their audio needing to be transcribed and the transcription company will provide a quote for that will only be valid for that work quoted on. A company will generally take number of speakers, hardness of audio, quality of recording, turnaround time, previous working relationships with the customer, etc. into consideration when determining a standard quote for transcription based on a fixed price.

Positives of fixed price transcription services

You know exactly how much the audio transcription company will charge for the transcription services. No surprise fees for the transcription. Good for large business and for business with ongoing transcription contracts. You can ensure the transcription company has the capacity to deliver work before order is placed. You might be able to get discounts based on large amounts of audio, although in my experience this is not the case.


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