What To Consider When Restoring A Period Property

Period properties come in lots of different styles and designs ranging throughout hundreds of years of architecture. They are often nice properties to own as they are full of character and charisma. Think of the chocolate box cottage or the Georgian town house, they are exciting as you can investigate the old décor and apply it to your home.

There are a few downsides with a period property. One is the issue with it being old and requiring a constant state of repair as well as the costs involved in doing this. Another is the fact that many period properties are protected by local laws which makes it harder to do the necessary work.

Below are a few factors to consider when restoring a period property:

1) Look for registered professionals for help

One place to seek professionals skilled and experienced in 期間工 period property is the Conservation Register. The registration process requires at least seven years of experience, the correct training and qualifications, and they have to get a reference from five customers they have completed work for in the last five years.

another way to seek out experienced and professional period tradesmen is to ask around the local area. The chances are there are properties just like yours and they may have had work done on them recently. Ask your neighbours and look around for artisans signage outside properties being restored, or simply pop by and ask the builder for a card!

2) Societies

You can also get great advice from societies relevant to the period of property you own. For example, you can find out some great information at the Victorian Society or the Georgian group who are both dedicated to preservation and of architecture and appreciation of the décor and arts of the time. They also are a good resource for where to find tradesmen and go on relevant courses.

3) Self restoration

Courses are available on how to restore period properties. This could be an introduction to period brick work, traditional lime plastering, as well as many showing you how to work with historic Iron. Its probably worth only tackling smaller projects if you have limited experience or expertise but getting some basic training first can really help in the long run.

4) Check if its listed

Before carrying out any work on a period property it is worth checking the deeds of your property to see if any part of it is listed. This would mean it would have to adhere to stringent regulations when renewing or replacing any part of it or even adding to the property itself. If you are not sure, you can ask with the local authority to see if there are any restrictions.

5) Are there period style fixtures and fittings with a modern twist

With some properties you can get the period look with the technological advantages of the modern manufacturing process. For example, you can have old style windows that are thermally efficient.

As with any renovation project it is well worth doing your research, however, with a period property it is even more important to make sure you don’t turn a period property into a period drama!

Tim Tavender is a writer with ten years experience running his own businesses. He has written for National Newspapers and Magazines. For Crittall Style Windows he recommends Met Therm Windows.



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