Safe Remedies to Sleep for Children

If you have kids you might be wondering about what kind of safe remedies to sleep there are for them. This is because children are much more delicate creatures than us and cannot take prescription sleeping pills. It is also a bad idea to give kids strong herbs like valerian or melatonin as it can give them nightmares.

Here are some ideas for safe but effective remedies to sleep for children.

Lighting Remedies

Children, especially babies, need to go into a bit of trance before they children’s lighting go to sleep. You can get Fisher Price style toys that project patterns on the ceiling while playing gentle music or nature sounds. You can also get lamps that have transparent lampshades with patterns that will put beautiful patterns on the ceiling or walls when you turn them on.

Many children do not get a full night’s sleep due to nightmares in which case you might want to make sure they have a night light. There are all kinds of different night lights on the market and many of them are quite subtle. If the night light does not work then try leaving the door open a crack.

If your kid is really frightened of the dark, then you can consider leaving a light on however this is not the best idea as it can train them to be addicted to a lifestyle that does facilitate sleep when they are older.

Aromatherapy Remedies to Sleep

Children respond to aromatherapy but to be safe do not ever apply it directly to their skin. It could stimulate the child rather than put it to sleep as you desire as their delicate systems process these oils differently than we do. A good thing to do is put just a drop or two of an aromatherapy oil into a diffuser or humidifier or use an essential oil that is dispensed through an atomizer.

Scents that are safe remedies to sleep for kids are orange, vanilla, lavender, Roman chamomile, blue chamomile, pine, eucalyptus, rose and juniper.

Food Remedies to Sleep for Kids

Feeding your kid just the right food before bedtime might help them sleep. Try giving them a glass of warm milk or a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread. Both food items have tryphotan in them which is a calming and sleep-inducing chemical that does wonders when it comes to calming them down.

Another good food combination that can put your child to sleep is a banana, peanut butter and honey combination on whole wheat bread. This combination of foods has an exact type of carbohydrate that are safe remedies to sleep for children.

Singing or reading a story to a child can often put him or her to sleep as well.

Food is better than medicine when encouraging a child to sleep. You should avoid using medication of any kind to solve a child’s sleeping problem as they can become dependent on it. If you give them pills when they are young you are in essence raising an “addict in training.”

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