My Love For the Chesapeake Bay and Waterfront

I have a fascination with large bodies of water such as oceans, rivers and lakes. As a rambunctious kid, I was captivated by the beach. The pounding waves hypnotically stroked the gritty shore while the vociferous ocean taunted me to swim as far as I dared toward the horizon. Going to the beach was a favorite pastime for the Rangel family, and we would utter our beach mantra, “to the beach, to the beach, to the beach!”

With age, if not maturity, came a new appreciation for the Chesapeake Chiropractor quiet serenity and cool composure of lakes and bays. However, I wish my fondness for lakes and bays could be attributed to something more meaningful like past work on an eco-friendly crusade to save the bay, a life-affirming experience on the water, or even a memorable romantic summer at a lake, but it is more likely a matter of mere cinematic influence. A slew of my favorite flicks like When a Stranger Calls, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, The Lake House, What Lies Beneath, and The Deep End have featured homes on lakes that left an indelible impression on me.

In my home state of Maryland, there are a number of smaller lakes, a few thousand ponds, and reservoirs throughout the state, but apparently only two major lakes, Deep Creek Lake and Lake Youghiogheny. In fact, Maryland is the only state that does not have any natural lakes, because they are man made bodies of water that were created by damming rivers. But what Maryland lacks in lakes it makes up a hundred-fold with the Chesapeake.

Consequently, I am compelled to quixotically peruse Maryland real estate magazines for the perfect waterfront house and daydream about my owning distinctive property at water’s edge. In my imaginings, I sip java in a rustic, albeit refined, glass-encased bungalow that is nestled in a serene wooded lot with a massive cedar wraparound deck that overlooks the Chesapeake Bay-where, of course, my boat “Lady Liberty” is docked.

The Chesapeake Bay is a geographical wonder, being the largest estuary in the United States. The bay is off the Atlantic Ocean and is enclosed by Maryland and Virginia, while the bay’s watershed spans 6 states. Parts of the Chesapeake Bay have beaches and cliffs, and the average depth is 30 feet. The narrowest part of the bay is 4 miles wide, and the widest being 30 miles. The bay stretches approximately 200 miles in length, and well more than a hundred rivers and streams lead into the bay. The vast coverage of water throughout Maryland provides miles of waterfront real estate with spectacular views. The bay produces tons of fish and shellfish each year, with wonderful crabs, rockfish, and striped bass.

It is absolutely essential that Marylanders work with adjacent states to clean and protect the bay from further environmental deterioration.

S. Charles Rangel []is a lawyer who works on Capitol Hill and lives in Greenbelt Maryland



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