First Limb of Yoga – Ahimsa and Satyam

Ahimsa: The act of peacefulness can’t be accomplished just by considering everything. It begins from the inside and expects us to know about our opinion, compose, and our activities. On the off chance that you can diffuse a contention between two individuals, and make no move, your non-activity could cause savagery.

We must be readied, every day, from inside our being, by thinking and supplicating. We should likewise be ready for the individual who is having an “off day.” This could be a driver showing street rage, an inconsiderate collaborator, an individual who has helpless habits, or something comparative.

Prompting viciousness additionally abuses ahimsa. In this manner, retain your negative remarks about others, regardless of whether you feel they are defended. Keep your respectability flawless, and you will set up a standing of good character.

Satyam or Satya: This is the second Yama of honesty. A basic definition would be, “Thou will not lie or give bogus declaration.” This equivalent standard is found in the Old Testament of the Bible, in Jewish Scriptures, and in the Holy Quran.

In old occasions, and today, bearing bogus observer against a neighbor could cause genuine bad form, which could bring about the death penalty. This demonstration would amplify the genuine wrongdoing.


Search inside and try not to misdirect others, however don’t purposefully hurt others with reality. Continuously be empathetic; particularly, if the fact of the matter will hurt somebody. In this manner, actually like a sword with two sharp edges. Continuously be cautious and utilize your best judgment.

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