Warhammer Online Empire Characters, Strategy, and Leveling Guide

The Warhammer Online Empire Army is recognized as the biggest civilization of humans in the Old World, and they are also known as the Order of the Griffon. Their leader is the Emperor himself, Karl Franz. Their founding emperor, however, is Sigmar. Compared to the Dwarfs, the Warhammer Empire Army is not as skilled in craftsmanship. And compared with the High Elves, they do not have much magical abilities. Their strength lies in their civilization and the army is comprised of warriors and wizards as well as the priests of Sigmar (who is now a deity worshipped by the Empire). The Empire Army usually fights against the Chaos Army. Take a look more into warhammer online empire leveling, characters, and strategy guides for other valuable tips to improve your game play.

There are four career options available to the Empire. These are the:
1. Bright Wizard
2. Warrior Priest
3. Witch Hunter
4. Knight of the Blazing Sun

The Bright Wizard career option dabbles into the world electronicseeker of magic and fire. They use the wind of fire to kill enemies. Every Bright Wizard must master the Seven Keys. The Seven Keys are actually reckless techniques and talismans. Every key has its own distinct magic that the Bright Wizard can use. There are also three Career Masteries for the Bright Wizard: Path Incineration (single-target spells), Path of Immolation (over-time damages), and Path of Conflagration (the power of fire and burning). Bright wizards wear robes and carry staff which they use to cast spells. The second career option for the Warhammer Empire Army is the Warrior Priest which is an expert in defensive battle in the name of faith. They are deemed as holy warriors. They have three career masteries: the Path of Salvation (which uses magic and has healing powers), the Path of Grace (focuses on melee attacks and battling enemies with their warhammers), and the Path of Wrath (focused on offensive attacks). Warrior Priests wear brest plates, vestments, and long roves. They carry warhammers.

The third career option for the Empire is the Witch Hunter. They are the ones who look for and destroy enemies from the Chaos Army. They are best known for their speed and agility. Witch hunteres wear cloaks, hats, and tunics. They have light armors and they use pistols, torches, and swords. The fourth and last career option is the Knight of the Blazing Sun. These knights belong to an order of templars who worship the Goddess of warfare. Knights of the Blazing Sun wear heavy armor plates with colorful, elaborate ornaments. They are sword-wielders and they have heavy-duty shields.

The Empire has its civilization modeled after medieval settings and is influenced greatly by religious conservatism, as is apparent in its warrior priests. At the start of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the Empire army fights against the destructive Chaos army which is under the Armies of Destruction. Also having a warhammer online empire character, strategy, and leveling guide will help you with your game.

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