6 Common Sense Values, Which Should Be Our 2021 New Year’s Resolutions!

Surveys indicate, most people believe, 2020, was one of the worst years, in recent memory! Few are sad to see it go! Whether, because of the horrific pandemic (and all, its impacts, and potential, undesirable ramifications), or because of the disturbing nature of America’s politics, and society, etc, almost everyone, hopes, the domowyogrod incoming year, will be far better, and the beginning of better things, to – come! More of us, need to, adopt, and grasp, quality values, which, serve the greater – good, which would require, we proceed, with seeking a positive, meeting – of – the – minds, to bring us together, instead of creating, additional, undesirable, polarization! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 values, which should be considered, common sense, which, if enough people, adopted, would help, 2021, become a better, more – hopeful year!

1. Reduce the hatred/ Bring people together: Each of us, must take a step – back, and take – a – deep breath, and focus on bringing people together! We are experiencing, an atmosphere of far – too much, hatred, etc, and, unfortunately, too many elected officials, instead of doing so (the right thing), seem to appeal to the hatred, and bigotry/ prejudice, for, apparently, personal/ political reasons, and/ or, self – interest!

2. Social responsibility: Instead of, considering doing – the – right thing, as a hassle, or worth, it is important to view, changing things, for the better, our social responsibility! Unless/ until, more people begin to do so, how are we going to see changes, for the better?

3. Public health, and well – being: Shouldn’t public health, and our well – being, become the highest priorities? We must start, looking beyond our perceptions of short – term desires, etc, and look at the bigger – picture, etc!

4. Human/ Civil Rights: What could be more relevant than human rights? This must include, a variety of things, including: civil rights; womens’ rights; Constitutional rights; and, what, we want, our contribution, to mankind, to become!

5. Climate Change; Environmental protections: Plain – and – simple, if you don’t perceive, climate change, as a clear, and present danger, to this planet, and the safety and well – being, of future generations, you are lying to yourself, etc! Despite, what some deniers, claim (many, simply deny it, because they seem to put, their present, perceived, economic benefits/ gains, ahead of sustainable realities), the window, for addressing this danger, is narrowing! For generations, our elected officials, have attempted to protect the environment, especially, in – terms of, its impact on clean air and water, but, in the last four years, the current President, has signed many Executive Orders, reversing these! What, we do, in the near future, will have long – lasting ramifications, and impacts!

6. Health care – a right, or privilege?: Should receiving quality, affordable, health and medical care, be a human right, or a privilege? Only in this nation, does it seem, we treat it, as the latter! When will we treasure people, more than we do?

We need these 6 common sense, values, to become, perceived as the highest priorities, if we hope, to make 2021, and beyond, more hopeful, etc! Will you become part of the solution, or an extension of the problem?



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