Parenting During Covid

The real victims and long term damage caused by governments decision to shut down the world is the children.

The kids of today are the future adults who will run this world in another 10 or 20 years need help, and so I want to offer my experience and knowledge of decades of study and mentoring kids and adults, because the innocent victims of the foolish actions of the governments, and their parents are going crazy not knowing what to do.

This is a long article because it requires a preamble of the situation and fundamental information to make the useful and practical information clear. I hope you will read with a patient and open mind, and that this article provides parents and children solutions to the problems of the ‘new normal’ which is not normal at all.

There is no hope of communication and resolution,

Without clear and sincere understanding of how the other person feels.

By preventing kids of all ages, toddlers to teenagers, from going to school and socializing, their mental and emotional development is not only being stunted but severely and possibly permanently damaged.

The younger kids who have not begun to understand the requirements of adult life which includes making money and thus needing a job, are simply adapting to a life of isolation as they learn what life on earth is like as a human, while the older kids are losing motivation and hope for their chances of ever getting a job or being able to have enough money to survive and live a decent life on their own.


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