From Anthony Green To Abdur Raheem Green

Allah is the person Who secures individuals and take them to the light and achievement, then again, the Satan is up to take we all to the flames of Hell. Presently the ball is in our court. It’s our call whether to pick the way of Allah (SAW) which is an upright way or to pick the way of Satan which will at last lead us to hellfire. (May Allah save we all from the hell fire).

He was a slender, blonde and green peered toward a genius. No one realized that what is happening in his psyche. Everyone thought it’s simply a fit to Anthony green that he is maintaining a strategic distance from liquor, dance parties and so on Individuals imagined that he is simply experiencing a stage when individuals become extremely strict and they begin taking passionate choices, however then again Anthony green was brimming with Noor (the Divine light) and he was presented to the greatest truth of this universe.

The greatest truth of this universe is “La Ilaha Ill Allah Muhammadur Rasool Allah” (There is no god just Allah, Muhammad is the Rasool (Messenger) of Allah). Without a doubt there can be nothing honest than this assertion

Anthony green was a British conceived, yet he got early training from Roman Catholic Monastic School called the Ample forward College in Egypt in view of the work move of his dad. He, at the end of the day, said that he was disappointed with some unacceptable Christian convictions at 8 years old. During his youth he understood that there should be Someone Who is Alone and Who could do everything.

The idea of trinity befuddled Anthony green definitely, he was baffled that how the God, Christ and the sacred spirits can be the equivalent. He says he was shown the rhymes, for example, Hail Marry and those rhymes were not acceptable for him by any means. He says that it was truly hard to accept that the God himself comes from the Womb of Marry, this makes Marry more unrivaled.

Anthony green gave himself a point of view and the more he discussed and investigated Quran, the more he was slanted towards Islam. He was exceptionally happy with the idea of “Unity of God’, to be sure there can’t be two Gods.

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