Tunjungan Plaza has some anchor occupants, for example, Hero Supermarket, Matahari Department Store, Sogo Department Store, Gramedia, Ace Hardware, Electronic Solution, Planet Sports TP 6, Informa TP 2, Informa-Ashley TP 6, Tunjungan 1 XXI, Tunjungan 3 XXI, Tunjungan 5 XXI (IMAX), Zara, Marks and Spencer, H&M, Uniqlo, LC Waikiki, Pasarame, Chipmunks, Toys Kingdom, Eon Fantasy Kidzoona. apartemen

Tunjungan Plaza 1, is the principal shopping center in Surabaya opened in 1986 situated at Jalan Basuki Rahmat no 8-12. Opened on May 7, yet now Plaza East has become a trendy part since remodels completed in 2007. The redesign cycle additionally incorporates eliminating the case lift and rebuilding the food court into Studio Foodcourt, which is adjoining the Tunjungan 1 XXI film which is outfitted with 4 studio.

Tunjungan Plaza 2 is the primary development of Plaza Tunjungan shopping region close to Tunjungan Plaza 1 on Jalan Basuki Rahmat no 8-12, which is situated between Tunjungan Plaza I and Tunjungan Plaza III which started development in July 1990 and opened in December 1991. There are Mandiri Tower at the above of this square, and the administration office of the shopping center at the fifth Floor. Despite the fact that it isn’t as large as its archetype, Tunjungan Plaza 2 has gotten quite possibly the main parts. packed around here region. TAJ Tunjungan is a metropolitan style of Muslim, a Muslim design community and has the biggest petition room in a shopping center in Surabaya, presently it has become an indistinguishable piece of other Tunjungan Plaza.

Tunjungan Plaza 3 is the second and the greatest development and generally broad of Tunjungan Plaza shopping area situated behind TP1 which was opened in 1996. Tunjungan Plaza 3 has a huge chamber which is utilized to have public and local occasions. It has an immediate admittance to Sheraton Hotel and Towers just as Regency Condominium from the TP3 entryway. It additionally has associations with TP1, TP4, and TP6 (just first and second Floor). Aside from an elite shopping experience, Tunjungan Plaza 3 likewise offers a tasteful eatery (high end food) which makes it the busiest piece of Plaza Tunjungan. Toward the finish of 2016, the Tunjungan 21 film was changed into the Tunjungan 3 XXI film, following 20 years the film was opened.

Tunjungan Plaza 4 is the third development in Tunjungan Plaza shopping areas which situated on Jalan Embong Malang no 7-21 which was opened in 2001. This segment of the Plaza is centered around spoiling customers and culinary fans as different worldwide boutiques and chose food sources breath life into the square focusing on this very good quality portion. Sogo Department Store was the greatest anchor inhabitant of this piece of court. Four Points Hotel by Sheraton is situated on the highest point of this court, which was assembled along with TP5 and right now opened in 2015. This square associates with TP3, TP5, and TP6. In mid-2017, all occupants in TP 4 stories LG (aside from SOGO) were shut and filled by Uniqlo in September 2017.

Tunjungan Plaza 5, is the fifth stage, above it is The Peak Residence which comprises of 52 stories. Development was done in 2012 and finished in 2015 with the opening in September 2015 and introduction on October 9, 2015. This part of the mall has the moniker “Style Avenue” which has an assortment of design sources, which comprise of shopping center, workplaces (Pakuwon Center), apartment suite (The Peak Residences), situated on Jalan Embong Malang no. 1-5 houses the “Design Avenue” which has many marked style retail sources. It houses the IMAX which worked by XXI Cinema.[citation needed]

Tunjungan Plaza 6 is the most up to date part of Tunjungan City Superblock and the new development of the shopping center. Situated on Jalan Embong Malang no 21-31, close to the Sheraton Hotel and Towers, has been working since 23 September 2017. This strip mall is situated close to TP 4. There are two pinnacles at the highest point of TP 6: One Icon Residence and Pakuwon Tower. TP6 generally comprises of F&B retails and it has an association scaffold to TP3 at the second Floor. This segment of the strip mall encompasses the Grand Circle Tunjungan Plaza.

Tunjungan Plaza 7 was reported during the Grand Opening of TP6 function to be the forthcoming venture of Pakuwon Group. Pakuwon will grow their shopping center again for 40,000 m2.[2]

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