What Size Car Cover Is Best?

The three sizes, custom, semi custom, and universal, differ in size and that, by nature, cause a difference in price.

The custom cover is tailor made for each and every car. The car owner will select the type of cover, and the protection it offers. He can then select the colour and style of the cover. The owner will even have the choice of placing a logo on the bonnet of the cover, for that extra personal touch. Once the owner has made his selection, the cover is then made specifically for him and his car.

Custom covers literally fit like a glove. The cover is shaped colorful chair covers around the car’s contours and will be nice and snug against it. In a sense this will maximise the protection that the cover offers, as the cover leaves no room for any leakages, or things to sneak in.

For certain, the custom cover looks very classy. It has a very sleek, chic look of an upper class cover. As the fit is so good, the car will demand respect even whilst it is covered, how much more so, when the cover is rolled off to reveal a gleaming, spotless car.

Naturally, as each custom cover is made specifically for that particular car, it works out the most expensive. For some, they say it is well worth the money as the look, and fit is far better. Others will prefer to go for the cheaper options.

The semi custom cover, is less expensive than the custom. Semi custom covers are designed to fit a selection of cars that have been grouped together due to their similarity in shape and size. The cover is not quite a custom fit, but still fits very well. As the same cover can be made for a few cars, the production works out cheaper, hence the lower price.

With semi custom covers, car owners will still very often be able to select the colour of the cover. However they do not get the option of personalising it like with the custom.

Universal covers are the cheapest size of covers. They are able to fit any car, no matter what size. As a result, they can be mass produced, and that is how they work out to be so cheap.

However, universal covers have their own unique advantage; they can be used for any car. This may seem like nothing, but in reality, it can work out to be a big plus. Firstly, the universal cover can be lent out and shared between family and friends, regardless of what car everyone has. Secondly, each time the owner updates his car, he doesn’t have the added expense of updating the cover too.

The thing that bothers people most about universal covers is the fit. As the cover will fit any car, there is a lot of material. If a person owns a big car, then this is not such a problem, but if he owns a smaller car, he can be left with lots of excess material. This doesn’t look so neat and chic like with the other covers. For those who are bothered by the looks, they may prefer to pay a bit more, for a better fit.

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