Our Armed Forces

When we say that man is a social animal, we only mean that he cannot live in isolation. But can we, without fear of contradiction, say that he has learnt to live in harmony with his fellow beings? In spite of his social habits, he is not able to get over the fear and suspicion he harbors in his mind about his neighbor, more so, if he happens to be a little aloof and retiring type. If the two could get together get over their fear and suspicion and try to get on well with real neighborly feelings, what a great relief would it be, for both indeed! Unfortunately we have not yet mastered the art of living together, though we have been living together fro uncountable ages.

What is true of men, is also true of countries. The same kind of fear and suspicion exists between country and country. If they could live in mutual trust and understanding the world would have certainly been a real paradise. Unfortunately it is not to be so, sinners that we are. Submarine Leadership And each country has its own defense structure.

Our armed forces are the guardians of our extensive borders, the protectors of our hard own freedom and the joy and pride of the nation. We have no quarrel with others, China or Pakistan. We are ready to talk, understand and adjust. But it must be a two way traffic. Our foreign policy is based on Panch Sheel and China which subscribed to the doctrine and signed an agreement with India, attacked it. India had to learn the bitter truth that there can be no peace without strength.

The supreme commander of the Armed Forces is the a President of India. But the responsibility for the nation’s defense rests with the cabinet, all the important questions having a bearing on defense are decided by the cabinet committee on political affairs which is presided by the Prime Minister. The defense minister is answerable to the parliament in all matters related to the defense; the administrative and operational control of the armed forces is exercised by the defence ministry and the three services Head Quarters of the Army, Navy and Air Force, each one being headed by a chief of staff.

The armed forces are the symbol of India’s honor and integrity. From 1947 when they came into existence till this very day they have been playing a key role in the defense of the land. Their sense of self sacrifice and devotion to duty are really commendable. Going hand in hand with these three wings, are the Para military forces like the Border Security Forces, the Home Guards, etc.

Inspire of its manifold problems of illiteracy, poverty and disease, India has kept itself abreast with the recent technological developments. We are proud to develop many weapons indigenous. Agni is an intermediate Range Ballistic Missile that can reach objects from 2500 to 3500 am away and what is more, apart from improving its range further, it can carry a nuclear war head. Agni is the pride of India. Designed more or less on the same pattern, are Nag, a third generation anti tank missile rocket, Akash a medium range surface to air missile with a range of 25 km, Trisul, another short range missile, Anurag the super computer and a hoard of other weapons like Ajanta an electronic warfare system, Arjun main battle tank, fully capable of meeting a threat from tanks such as M-15 so much for technology for the Army.

In Air Force, we have ASWACS-Air borne Surveillance and Warning Control System the LCAS, the Light Combat Aircrafts, and a series of MIGSch -the MIG 21 interceptors, the MIG 29 supersonic planes built in India with the Soviet assistance, and the French Mirage 2000s. As for the Navy, besides a machine propelled vessel we have INS Vikrant, INS Virat, aircraft carriers, many cruisers, destroyers and frigates like INS Mysore, INS Ranjit, INS Talwar and many more. A soviet submarine INS Sindhughose, Inida’s Kanderi, INS Kurang besides coastal mine sweepers like INS Cuddalore, in shore mine sweepers like INS Balsar and the APSOH Advanced Panoramic Sonar Hull mounted – INS Sharada the third offshore patrol vessel which is the one hundred and fifth vessel to slide out of the Ship ways of HSL are the proud possessions of the Navy. There is also the first of Indian Hydro graphic Ship INS Nirdeshak which is the Fourth arm of the Navy after the surface, the naval air, and the submarine. Still, a developing country cannot be completely self sufficient.

In the wake of India’s independence, when the Pakistani tribal invasion took place in 1948, the officers and Jawans displayed remarkable courage in the freezing mountains and valleys and drove them away inflicting a crushing defeat. Fourteen years after wards in 1962, our army had to retreat, beaten and humbled in the war with China. No doubt in a war when one side emerges out victorious, the other should suffer humiliation but that does not speak well about the valor of the winner or ill about the cowardice of the vanquished. After all the outcome of war-success or defeat-depends upon so many factors as in the case of the Indo-China war. It was more to do with the political leadership than with the courage of the armed forces. In a hostile terrain with sub zero temperature, it is more with the unkind nature than with the aggressive foe that one has to fight. Such defeats as this, therefore, turn out to be the portals to final victory. The government of India realized its mistake and embarked upon a massive program of replenishing the Armed Forces with arms and ammunition and with special equipment needed for the mountain warfare.

Thus three years later, the Indian armed forces now reorganized, enlarged and equipped got a chance to display tremendous skill, courage and bravery in the war with Pakistan. It was a war attrition. Platoons were shattered like toys, Sabres shot like pigeons and amour dashed to pieces like cups of china. Their dreams shattered, the Pakistanis beat a grand retreat, beaten and humiliated. The fourteen day war in December 1971 is a mile stone in India’s history. The army displayed extreme valor and captured large tracts of West Pakistan’s territory. The greatest achievement was the liberation of Bangladesh from the clutches of the West Pakistani tyranny in just over 12 days. The foreign commentators and military experts were surprised at the consummate planning of tactics and strategy and the wonderful way it was executed by the army commanders in the Eastern Sector. As for the Air force, it destroyed the Pakistani pretensions of air supremacy in the Eastern sector and in the western sector, the strategic centers of Pakistani amour, communication systems and fuel dumps, while the Navy completely blockaded Pakistani shores, sinking its warships and destroying submarines.

The armed forces have proved themselves tune and again as the mighty bulwark of India’s independence and integrity. The country is more or less sufficient in weaponry. But still the experiment to make newer and stronger ones goes on Vijayanta tanks, Shaktiman army trucks, MIG fighter aircraft, helicopters. Leander class frigates are some of the new additions and efforts to keep them afresh with the latest equipment continue. The future of our country is safe in the hands of the great gallant and glorious men of our Armed Forces who have become synonyms with courage and confidence.



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