The Secret To Getting Free PSP Downloads!

If you are the lucky owner of a PSP, you know how expensive it can get buying new games and movies. The beauty of the PSP is that you can actually download games, movies and music to keep it fresh with new material. Let’s have a look at how to get free PSP downloads and save yourself some big bucks.

If you head over to Google and look for free PSP downloads you will come up with a ton of results. Problem is that most of the websites that come up won’t give you what you are looking for.

There are 4 main problems when looking for free PSP downloads online.

1) Slow Downloads – Most of the websites take forever to download a game from. I have seen some where you could be waiting over 24 hours just for one game to finish.

2) Corruputed Files – Even worse, many of the games you download won’t even work. My cousin waited a day and a half for the new Madden football game to download only to find out it was a junk file. Annoying!

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