Story of Maro Charitra

Maro Charitra (1978), a movie by K.Balachander starring Kamal Hassan and Saritha is a story that revolves around a simple “Telugu – Tamil” neighboring girl and boy falling in love and later separate with the interference of their family which makes the story end in tragedy. This movie was the biggest hit of the decade with heart-touching songs composed by M.S.Viswanathan.

Now, the same story was remade using the same old title “Maro Charitra” starring Varun Sandesh and Anita in lead roles under the direction of Ravi Yadav with good production values by “Dil” Raju in 2010. The story of this new maro charitra was same but only thing is that it takes place in U.S where the old movie story takes place completely in Vizag. The Songs were all remixed from the old ones by Mickey.J.Mayor.

Story of Maro Charitra (2010)

Well the story is a romantic tale with the backdrop of U.S where Balu (Varun Sandesh) is a free-going guy who discontinue his studies as he didn’t like the course. It is here he sees the heroine Swapna (Anita) and in no time, both fall in love. At no matter of time, the parents will come to know about their love and disapproves their love due to a constant fight between Balu’s Father and Swapna’s mother (Urvashi). Then, an agreement is signed in the presence of Paul Sastry (Naresh) who is a cop cum Priest. As per the agreement, Balu and Swapna will not talk, see or meet each other for 1 year and if they still maintains the same love, their love is true.


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