A Review on the Movie – “Secret of My Success”

For those of you that grew up in the 1980’s, you remember Michael Fox and all of his movies he was in. “Secret of My Success” was one of my favorites that he was in. He is a great a talented actor and one of the best in his time. This movie, for whatever reason, has stuck with me to this day.

It starts with a young boy from Kansas, Michael J. Fox, and he had a dream. He wanted to go to a big city to make it big and start a new exciting life. That is what he did. He had a long distance relative in New York City that was the head of a big company. He went to him asking for a job since he lost his other one before he even started. His uncle as he calls him hired in in the mail room.

There was a woman in the movie who was an executive for the company. He immediately took a liking to her and wanted to meet her. At the same time, he starting reading different memos in the mailroom and started questioning what was going on with the business. He put a front on and pretended to be a new hire for the company to try and fix what was wrong. He also wanted to meet this woman he liked. He did just that.


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