A Moving Experience

A Moving Experience

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Ah, the joys of sending your child out to his or her own apartment. This scenario will be a humorous reminder to a few of you.

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I’ve found a cool apartment! Okay, okay…so it’s not perfect. Just a few bugs. I mean literally! First expense? An exterminator! Is it worth the cash? Well, I can’t afford a more expensive place, so a one-time (please!) cash outlay should be okay. Maybe just a can of “Raid?”

I need a way to mNew Zealand Tourist Visa
ove my stuff. Daddy, can I borrow your truck? You don’t have one? Why not? Do you want one? I’ll help you pick it out! Well, it was just a suggestion. No need to get all bent out of shape! I guess I’d better call the truck rental places. What do you mean…$200…PLUS mileage? AND Gas? Good grief!

While I’m on the phone I’ll call the utility and phone companies. Yes, I know I haven’t used your services before. No, I don’t have a credit card; this is my first place. You want what? A $100 deposit? For EACH? Holy cow…do you people have a license to steal?

Daddy, I need $500 for moving expenses! I used all my money for the first and last months rent AND the damage deposit. Well, how was I to know this was going to be so expensive? Sell something? Daaaaad…I NEED my TV!

Boy, this place is pretty empty. Maybe I should buy a couch and a chair. Nah…I have my bed. That’ll be good enough. I don’t need a table; I’ll just use this box.

Renters Insurance? I don’t think so! What do I have to insure?

Just got my first phone call! I’d love to come to your party! Daddy, I need a car. Because it’s too far to walk to work, that’s why. Umm, Daddy…there’s car insurance too! Thanks, Dad…you’re the best! And gas? I didn’t think so…

Time for dinner. Let’s look in these boxes. Oh, No! No dishes or pans. No FOOD!

Uhhh, Mom?

Advantage of Outsourcing your bookkeeping to professional BookKeeper.

Advantage of Outsourcing your bookkeeping to professional BookKeeper.

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In order to summarize the results of a business activity, each financial transaction must be recorded in a bookkeeping system. An entrepreneur has option to employee of bookkeeper in their organization or outsource the whole bookkeeping system to a professional firm. This article highlights the cost benefit analysis available with the entrepreneur in relation to maintenance of the books of accounts by a bookkeeper.

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Cost benefit analysis, Outsource your bookkeeping, whether you should outsource your bookkeeping to professional bookkeeper, & Cost of a Bookkeeper .

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What is a role of a bookkeeper in your organisation :
BOOKKEEPERS keep complete, up-to-date, and accurate records of accounts and financial arrangements. Bookkeepers verify and enter information into journals and ledgers or into a computer. They periodically balance the books and compile reports and financial statements. Bookkeepers also receive, record, bank and pay out cash. They balance checkbooks with monthly bank statements. They may calculate employee wages from plant records or time cards and issue payroll checks. Some of the other work they may do includes posting accounts receivable and payable, prepare and make bank deposits, record payrolls, maintain inventory records, purchase supplies, prepare purchase orders and do expense reports. Bookkeepers may also make schedules, sort documents, and file bills. These type of jobs are found in every industry and may have various job titles, such as accounts payable clerk, accounts receivable clerk or assistant bookkeeper.

Cost of a Bookkeeper :
The pay for these jobs depends upon experience, clerical skills, the level of responsibility and the job location. Beginning salaries go from minimum wage to $ 15 per hour. Experienced Bookkeeper can make $ 20 an hour. After having worked for three years with the same firm, a Bookkeeper can earn at $ 25 per hour. A Bookkeepers usually work 40 hours a week; sometimes it may be necessary to work overtime. Some employers have fringe benefits such as paid vacations and sick leave, life and health insurance, and bonuses. Other benefits that the employer may include are participation in a credit union, or retirement and profit sharing plans.

Advantage of outsourcing Bookkeeping work to a professional bookkeeper :
There are several distinct advantages to outsourcing your bookkeeping functions. First and foremost is saving money. You get what you pay for and if you don’t pay for quality than you won’t have quality service. However, you can save money by outsourcing because you won’t be paying for employer payroll tax expense, workman’s compensation and general liability insurances, vacation time, sick time, health insurance and other benefits a good full time bookkeeper will expect from his/her employer. Just remember, however, that these costs will be built into the consultant’s hourly rate and their fee will reflect these costs. Any bookkeeping consultant who has not taken these costs into consideration is not a bookkeeper you want – if they don’t know enough to include these costs into their fees, then they don’t know enough to be a help to your business. You should expect to pay at least three times what you would pay an experienced full charge bookkeeper.

And just how do you save money by paying three times the amount you would pay an employee? Well, let’s see. There will be no recruiting, interviewing and training costs for start. And if you should find yourself unhappy with the services there will be no additional recruiting, interviewing and training to replace your bookkeeper. Also, you will not have to be concerned about law suits such as sexual harassment, unlawful firing, age discrimination, sexist, etc. Or an increase in your unemployment rates because you laid off an employee that you really wanted to fire but had no lawful cause to do so. So right away we have less time and money spent and potentially less hassle if things don’t go well.

And of course you will not be paying workman’s compensation and general liability insurance premiums. Also any worthy bookkeeper will expect at least two weeks vacation, coverage for sick time, health and dental insurance and even perhaps more benefits.

Most professional bookkeepers will have their own offices saving you space within your office. So you will not be buying that extra desk, calculator, computer and computer software. Your bookkeeper will be providing all of that as part of his/her fee. No software updates, computer maintenance, training costs, etc. Of course should you prefer to have your computerized bookkeeping records available to you at your office, a small investment in software installed on your computer makes this possible. Also no office supplies to be paid for. You will be amazed at just how much pens, pencils, and paper can be used by a bookkeeper. Your consultant bookkeeper will either ask you to drop off the work at their office, will pick it up at your office or some may even offer remote bookkeeping service. And by having your bookkeeping done off site, your bookkeeper will be able to work more efficiently and accurately because her/his office will most likely offer less distractions than your busy office. All of this is saving you money.

And the best reason for outsourcing is that you control the amount of money spent on bookkeeping. What I mean by this is that the person you hire to do your bookkeeping will be doing just that – not answering the phone, dealing with drop-bys, chatting to other employees, etc. Also you can start with just a few hours a month and add on when you need to and then adjust downward again should it be necessary. Can you imagine finding an employee to start with only four hours a month, then asking them to put in 20 hours a week for awhile and then back down to four hours a month again. I don’t think you would keep them for very long, but a free lance bookkeeper is able to work around these variables and even more importantly expects to work with flexible schedules.

So have I convinced you yet? If so, then just remember “you will get what you pay for”. Go for top quality because your financial records are the core of your business and without great bookkeeping you cannot expect to succeed no matter what type of business you have. After all don’t you think you are worth it ?
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What Categories Should I Use For All Those Household Files?

This question is often asked. With the amount of paper and information we have these days, it’s hard to figure out how to categorize all the various papers and files at home. What I’ve found is that they fall into four basic categories: Financial, Vital Records, Household, and Personal.

If you group them together by category, it will help you stay organized. For example, you could put each category into a separate file drawer or file box or group them together using different colored file folders so each category is easily identified.

Here are some suggested sub-categories within each group:

Financial: Bank statements, paid bills, credit card statements, cheaphostingforum pay stubs, receipts of major purchases, social security, and tax records are a few types of files in this category. Some of these you can save online. Check with your accountant to determine how long to keep these records.

Vital Records: These include birth certificates, marriage certificate, adoption records, credit report, death certificates, educational records, passports, safe deposit box inventory and wills. Some of these you may decide to keep in a safe or safety deposit box. Just remember to keep a list handy of what’s there.

Household: Automobile records, household inventory, insurance records, medical records and warranties & service contracts. The reason for separating these records from vital records is that you will probably refer to these throughout the year whereas the others will only occasionally be referenced.

Personal: This category includes things like address lists, correspondence, decorating ideas, entertaining, memorabilia, travel & maps, and hobbies. While for some people, these may only need a single file folder, for most of us any one of these might need its own file box.

Be creative in coming up with the file names that support your individual activities. I have a hanging file folder to collect ideas that I might use for art projects or collage and the file tab is titled Creative Me. Then when an opportunity comes along to create, I can go right to the file and grab an assortment of clippings to use.

In addition to setting up your own files, you can also find file packages at office supply stores designed for taxes, medical payments and bill paying. The key is to group things in categories that work for you. The four categories outlined here are a good place to start.

Jill McKean helps busy professionals and people in transition who want to achieve more in less time. With her 7 Steps to Office Productivity, she helps clients get organized both on-site and by phone coaching. Jill is a member of NAPO and NSGCD.

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Categories of Music Gear

Categories of music gear encompass under them a wide range of musical instruments and equipment. There are a lot of categories and sub categories of music gear. They can be classified based upon the usage or based upon the mechanisms.

The two main categories that they can be classified into are acoustic and electronic. The gears that do not need any external electrical help are called acoustic music gears. Any acoustic instrument is a part of this category. The gears that are electricity supported are called electrical music gears.

Acoustic music gear

This category of music gear includes mostly the instrument edulize and equipment in their original versions. Acoustic music gear do not need any external electrical help. Very good instances of this category of music gear are acoustic guitar, acoustic drums, violin, flute or any other acoustic instrument.

But the most interesting factor about acoustic music gear is that some of them can be used as electronic gear. You can take acoustic guitar for instance. If you add a pick up with the acoustic guitar, then it can be played electrically. Then the sound of this guitar can be deviated into the amplifiers. That means the sound will be heard from the amplifier.

But do not think that by adding a pick up you can use the acoustic guitar just like an electric guitar. That is not possible. Pick-ups just pave the way to the amplification of the sound. It cannot change the tone or the effect. Do not mix up acoustic guitar with the electric guitar. Though both of them are guitars and their playing style is the same, that does not mean that they are the same. They are widely different in many aspects.

Electronic music gear

This is one of the most important categories of music gear. Electronic music gear is totally different from the acoustic ones. This category of gear cannot be used without electricity. Electric guitar, synthesizer, and octopad fall in this category. Apart from them there are other kinds of electronic gear also. There are microphones, amplifiers, processors and pedals.

Though some of the acoustic instruments can be played electrically, no electrical instrument can be played acoustically. Electric connection is necessary for all of them.

The most important accessories of any musical instrument are amplifiers and microphones. The amplifier and microphone are almost the same. They enhance the sound of the instrument and vocal. The microphone collects the sound and carries it to the audience. But the amplifier just spreads the sound. They cannot collect them. To collect, you need a microphone.

While talking about electronic music gear, one cannot forget to mention the processor. The processor is a tiny gadget that consists of a whole lot of brilliant effects and tones. If you connect your guitar with this gadget, then you will be able to use all these tones and effects. There are some good quality processors available these days that provide you some more facilities like mixing two of the existing tones and making a new tone of your own.

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Different Category Of Work Visa for America

Moving to America to explore better avenues has always been a preferred choice of citizens of several countries. In fact, such a large number of professionals have moved to the United States that a good percentage of professionals in the country are non-Americans. However, now with rules changing for all countries, USA has also come up with different categories of visas for foreign professionals who aspire to move and work in the country.

Based on the country’s immigration laws, various categories travelguidebook have been defined for people who want to work temporarily in the United States. Some of these visa types have a maximum annual number that can be issued to the professionals. The most sought-after visa category which is available for professionals working in a specialty profile is H1-B visa. It is a non-immigrant visa in the United States which allows the employers in the United States to employ foreign workers in various specialty occupations.

However, in H1-B visa, the condition is that in case the employee quits the job or is fired by the employer, he should either apply for a visa in another category and be granted a change in his status to another category or find another employer in the United States who will then aid in status adjustment or change. In case, the professional is unable to do any of these, he is bound to leave the United States and return back to his country. H2-B visa is applicable for unskilled or temporarily skilled workers who want to move to US and get engaged in a non-agricultural employment that is irregular, seasonal, one time occurring or seasonal employment.

Another major category which gets applications is the L1 category of work visa. This category applies to all non-Americans or foreigners who are working with a company which has its parent branch, subsidy or any affiliate office in America. To be eligible to apply for this visa, the applicants however should be employed as an executive or a manager. Generally, these visas are provided to people who have specialized knowledge.

Temporary skilled visa or the E-3 visa is especially created for the citizens of Australia. For this visa, the applicants should be employed in the US in a specialty occupation. While there are investors and trade visas that are applicable if you are willing to invest over $500,000 in a US company and create employment for at least 10 citizens for over two years. Though there is a chance for investors to reach US, it has various specifications that need to be met before it is granted.

Employment based preference visa system also allows several American employers to file petition to obtain permanent residency for some of their employees. However, this category is only available for a very small percentage of professionals willing to move to the country.

To understand whether you are eligible for the work visa to America, you can always consult an immigration lawyer and discuss the avenues available for your employment. In addition to consultation services, immigration attorneys are well-versed with the new changes in immigration law and regulations.

For the latest information on obtaining a work visa for America and on finding a US immigration lawyer visit the eb-5investorgreencard.com information pages.



How To Create A Product Category (And Why Would You Anyway?)

In my last article, I talked about the overwhelming saturation of products in the marketplace and the complacency of the consumer to listen to (yet another) advertising message. I said that if you wanted to be successful with a new product, you should seek to establish a new product category.

In this article, I am going to explain what this means.

A product category can be defined as a group of products that are closely related because they are intended for the same use, are sold to the same customers, or fall within the same budget. justmyfitness Examples of product categories might include television sets, pizzas, shampoos and so on.

Creating a new product category typically means creating a variation of an existing product to create a new market for it. And being the creator of a new category offers you immense opportunity to claim the ultimate leadership position. After all, you were there first. (Think Coca Cola “The Real Thing”.)

Let’s look at some examples of creating new product categories.

Domino’s Pizza was not the first chain restaurant to make pizzas. But it created a new category (home delivered pizza) when it created the first US home delivery service for pizzas.

Apple’s i-Pod was not the first portable music player (in fact, it wasn’t the first MP3 player either). But it was the first sexy MP3 player that used a USB port and firewire to transfer music files and came complete with fully-integrated proprietary software to make it easy for users.

Fedex was not the first courier service, but it was the first to guarantee overnight delivery (Who can forget, when it absolutely has to be there…)

If you’re the proprietor of a smaller business, and you want have aspirations to build yourself into a big brand, look at what the big brands do.

The successful ones are carving out new product categories, getting media coverage because what they are doing is new and different, and claiming brand leadership.

Anyone who follows them is a me-too product.

Here are the strategic rules that apply to setting up a new product category:

To be successful, product categories need to be very narrow – so avoid chasing big generic terms. By this I mean instead of “shampoo” target “dog shampoo” or even “tangle free dog shampoo” as the definition for the category.

Your product category has to be perceivably different (or new) from anything else in the marketplace. This means you need to choose a product category where there is no-one else (or if there are other players (such as in Apple’s MP3 player market), they are unknown).

You need to launch the product category through the use of publicity or public relations – not advertising. (Advertising is used to maintain an existing brand not to launch a new one.)

Your messages to the marketplace need to focus on the benefits attributed to the product category you have established, not your brand.

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Choosing Relevant Blog Categories For Increased Traffic

The first mistake made by many newbie bloggers is commonly their choice of categories or lack of it.

You will often see many blog authors will put posts filed under the “uncategorized” category.

This is a mistake made by many new bloggers, if you do not choose your categories as standard default on a WordPress platform they will be filed under the uncategorized category.

Category selection for blogs is highly important for site navigation and search engine rankings.

Your blog categories should be relevant to your content and an extension of the original or main topic your weblog contains information about.

A quick search on any of the main search engines can give you webmastershall suggestions as to which terms would be most suitable for your categories.

Using free tools such as the Google Keyword Tool, will give you a wealth of related search terms which you can incorporate into your category names.

For example a blog on guinea pigs, could have categories named care, sounds, food, cages and illnesses etc.

Keyword research is highly important and a simple search for your main topic or niche keywords will product a list that you can choose your categories from.

It is often an unlooked factor on a blog, and one that, when done correctly, can drive more free traffic to your website.

Category choice can ensure your blog content covers all areas of your subject or niche and gives your site a wider range of audience.

Remembering that the url links to your blog’s post will contain the category name is a point to remember.

Do not choose blog categories that are very long in length.

Most bloggers make the mistake of having a long category name, which becomes even longer once the post title is added to the link url too.

Choose categories that relate to your main niche, but can also allow you to branch off into several sub niches for increased traffic and exposure on search engine results.

To learn more successful blogging tips and blog traffic generation techniques visit:

While blogs are a great way to share information, there are some strange details that might require a little bit more explanation. WordPress is a very wonderful format. It is easy to use. It has great features and you can add Categories and Tags.


Yes, Categories and Tags. Once you scroll down past your post a little, you will come across these two very similar yet very different things. Using these two can help your readers find posts that fit their particular interests.

Why are there two different things?

Originally WordPress had categories. But after a while a category would start to get too many articles and bloggers broke down the categories further. This started creating long lists of Categories. Thus tags were born.

What is a category?

Categories are the broad term, they help categorize your posts. You can have long keyword phrases; which is a three or four word phrase, as a category. Create unique to your blog phrase for a category name. A category name could be “Dallas Mexican Restaurants” which is a long keyword phrase or “Mex-Food that Rocks” for something unique. But you can also have sub-categories. This great for “Dallas Restaurants” and the sub-category of “Mexican” or “Italian.”

How is a tag different?

You use tags to identify terms related to your blog post. These are terms that help readers of your blog and first time visitors identify the content. Unlike the above categories, you only want to use one or two words as tags. Tags related to the post above could be things like “tortillas, margaritas, live mariachis, green enchiladas, chicken tacos” and other related terms.

What about for Search Engines?

As far as SEO; Search Engine Optimization, there are differences as well. Tags help search engines identify content on your blog. A search engine is likely not to understand “Mex-Food that Rocks” but it does know you are talking about Mexican food from the tags you used.



Things To Consider For Creating Ecommerce Category Structure

The success of an ecommerce store depends on your product category structure. The way users navigate your ecommerce shop will determine the amount of time and money they are willing to spend. The easy your products are to find, the better chances of sale!

Think it this way: If your customers are unable to quickly look-up for products they are willing to purchase, how can you expect them to buy it? Always remember that ecommerce shoppers are very task-oriented. Ensure that your ecommerce product category structure allow them easy and quick access to products they are looking for.

Not every site needs a product category structure, but if your sobitech site is dealing with multiple products then you need to have a rigid ecommerce products category structure in place.

Ecommerce category structure – 6 must-have elements to keep in mind!

Offer a parent category

Using labels and headers for your product category is not a good idea in today’s competitive world of ecommerce. Shoppers online prefer shopping from sites that allow easy and quick search results. Offer a parent category, and make it click-able – means allow drop-down menu in each of your parent category to make sure that the products are visible to search and purchase.

Introduce sub-categories

Considering your product category, allow click-able sub-categories to multiple parent category to allow shoppers easily and quickly search for products. Now there may be times when a sub-category matches multiple parent categories. Confused? For example – mouse-pads, headsets are mostly found under “Computer and Accessory” category, but can also be found under “Electronics and Camera” category. So, to avoid confusions with such products, it is always suggested to consider putting such sub-categories in multiple parent category that will allow customers to find the product in any of the potentially matching parent category.

Separate category for “New Arrivals”

Some shoppers like to live up with the latest trends and technologies, and such shoppers may only visit your site to check your new product offerings. Stuffing your new products as a sub-category will not highlight them and you will lose potential sales. So, it is recommended to create a separate “New Arrival” category/filter, to carter shoppers who are only interested in buying the latest product offered in your ecommerce store’s catalogue.

Focus your “Recently Viewed Products”

Shoppers online go through many products for making a purchase decision, unless they have a specific product in mind. It may not be possible for them to open new tabs for each products they visit, hence there are chances of losing the link to previously searched products. This way you can lose sales. Ensure that you have a separate feature tab for your “Recently Viewed Products” to allow shoppers a quick access to look-up for products previously viewed and that they are willing purchase.

Prop “Compatible Products”

Allowing your shoppers with valuable product or information up-front, will increase order value and sales, abruptly! For example, if a shoppers is browsing the phone category and selects a phone, but also wants a phone cover or an extra battery compatible to that phone. Finding for compatible products can be a real-nightmare for shoppers! Make sure you have a functionality to that automatically shows up accurate “compatible products” to make shoppers search easier and better.

Suggest “Alternate Products”

Upselling can increase order value size, as well as help you get rid of dead inventory. Your ecommerce category structure should allow alternate product pop-ups similar to the product the shoppers is viewing. Suggesting alternate products will attract customers be on your site for long-time and make better-purchase decisions. You can add a filter with a header ” You may also like” to your product catalogue to make it’s structure even more engaging!

The above tips are easy to perform in your site, and are capable for creating an effective e-commerce products structure. Your product offering is a key to your store’s success. So, it becomes important for you plan and execute a user-friendly product category structure that allows easy and quick access to products that customers are looking for. Orderhive – SaaS based inventory and order management system not only allows integration to ease back-end operations, but also offers effective e-commerce ideas and latest trends related to topics like inventory, order, shipping, customer service, multi-channel management and much more. To know more you visit our blog page



The Different Types of Online Poker Bonuses

Nearly every poker site offers sign-up bonuses to attract new poker players. The last years this has become one of the most important promotions for poker rooms in attracting new poker players and every poker player should definitely profit by these free offers.
Taking advantage of all kinds of sign-up bonuses can be a substantial part of poker players’ winnings, especially for new players who play at the lower limits. For all players clearing bonuses is a popular way of increasing their bankroll and a large number of players already have the knowledge that taking advantage of sign-up bonuses can be fairly rewarding.

The online poker rooms are able to provide these sign up bonuses because all poker players pay rake, a little percentage taken from each pot that goes to the poker room. The poker bonuses are usually approximately 60 – 100% of the total amount a player has raked while clearing the bonus. Even though the poker room offers a free bonus they still make profit on these online poker sign up bonuses.

There are 3 categories of sign-up bonuses in online poker.

First of all, there are online poker sign up bonuses which the player needs to make a deposit for. These sign-up bonuses are named “deposit poker bonuses”. For these bonuses a person needs to make a deposit before the bonus can be cleared. The poker bonus is released after meeting the requirements.

Related to the first kind of sign-up bonuses, there are online poker rooms such as Bodog who provide an upfront poker bonus for which a person needs to make a deposit. These poker sign up bonuses are named instant upfront deposit poker sign-up bonuses. Poker players are allowed to use the money immediately on real money tables after the first deposit is made. However, there are requirements to cash-out bonus and winnings. Be sure to read the bonus terms and conditions of these online poker sign up bonuses.

Finally, there are poker bonuses for which no deposit is required. These poker sign up bonuses are named “no deposit poker bonuses”. Poker players can check out the poker site without the risk to lose their own hard earned money. A certain amount of player points need to be accumulated before a player can cash-out their bonus and winnings. This is to prevent players from withdrawing immediately after receiving the free cash.


Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Social Networking

There are so many ways to drive traffic to your website that it can be overwhelming to the point that you don’t know were to start. Well I find it easier to break it down into two categories, There are ways to drive traffic to your site that are FREE and there are ways that you have to pay for. Both are very effective but it depends on what is in your wallet, especially if you are just starting out. So of course I would choose free first, the free method that I find very profitable is Social Networking.

A large number of internet users belong to at least one social Buy Barong Tagalog  network website.

When it comes to social networking, there are many people who think of online friendships or online relationships. While these types of relationships are the most common, did you know that social networking is also used for businesses? In fact, that was originally how it got started. If you are a small business owner, especially one that operates an online business, there is a way that you can use social networking sites to your advantage.

There are networking sites that are designed for business owners. These websites will not only allow you to share your business information with other business owners, but it will also allow you to develop close relationships with those that share an interest that is similar to yours. Essentially, this means that you could not only learn valuable business information, but you could also walk away with a new business partner or a new friend.

Social networking allows the smaller businesses to grow as they are able to reach a larger amount of people with using these network mediums at a lower cost. However, it also allows the bigger companies to take advantage of the social networking to extend to a larger volume of customers, as well.

Examples of this are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, this type of media has now increased to a volume of global social networks, which means that advertisement can extend to a broader range of customers because they are able to have multiple languages.

If you are using your online website to make money with advertising programs, such as affiliate programs or Google AdSense, you may need to approach social networking websites in a different way. Since you will not necessarily have a particular product or service to focus on, you will need to approach these websites as if they were personal websites. If your website discusses being a cat owner, it would be a good idea to state your love for cats in your profile. After doing so, it would be acceptable and not necessarily considered spam to add a link to your online website. As with all other types of online websites, social networking websites should help to increase the number of page views your website receives. In most cases, more page views mean more clicks which means more money for you.

Social Networking only works if people are drawn to it. So depending on what topic or niche that you are trying to promote on the social networks is going to depend on whether it’s a hot topic at that particular time. The goals that you are trying to accomplish are: an increase in link-ability, easy book marking, mash-up, inbound links, and helping content travel.

Rule of thumb is you want to make sure that you participate with your users, you want to be active on blogs and the message boards. know your target audience. You need to know what appeals to a particular group of people. It is important to remember that not everybody will love you.

I mentioned mash-up earlier, for those who never heard of the term or you don’t really know what it means, it is to combine content from more than one source into one experience. A mashup can be used to gather feedback on a project your working on whether it’s a website, blog or an article.

Social networking websites are also popular because they come in a lot of different formats. Websites like Yahoo! 360 and MySpace focus on a wide variety of different topics. This means that just about anyone can join. However, there are other social networking sites out there that have a particular focus. These focuses may be on a particular religion, political following, or hobby. Most specialty social networking sites restrict the individuals that can participate in their network; thus, making your experience more enjoyable.

Social networking websites can benefit all website owners, especially those who are looking to make a profit with their websites. This can be done one of two ways, by selling something or by relying on revenue from advertising. If you have a website that is selling products or services, you might find it easier to use social networking sites to your advantage. This is because, if you wish, you could do product or service spotlights. You could also showcase one of the products or services that your website sells. This could either be done right on your profile page or on a blog page, which is provided by most social networking websites.

As you can easily see, there are a number of different ways that you can promote your online website, no matter what type of website you have or what you use it for. By keeping the above mentioned points in mind, you should be able to see an increase in your page views, in no time at all.