Simple Scrapbooking

Simple Scrapbooking refers to an approach to scrapbooking that is simple and easy. It also refers to a design style of scrapbooking. As for a simple approach, scrapbooking can be as easy as any person decides to make it, beginner or veteran. Sure, a trip into the craft store with the simplestartllc aisles dedicated to paper, embellishments, stamps, cutters, etc. can be overwhelming, but you can go at your own pace. The key is to think smaller and easier by choosing manageable projects with one page or just a few pages. Choose projects that are truly fast and can be finished, taking away the fear of starting a project that will not get done. You can work with the tools you have used since you were a kid, paper, scissors, glue, etc., or you can take advantage of a wide range of tools offered to make scrapbooking tasks easier. If using your computer is appealing to you, you can also take a digital approach to simple scrapbooking. There are software programs that will let you create all or part of your pages on your computer. With little time to devote, you really can give yourself the chance to unleash your artistic side and create some great looking pages that you will be proud to display.

Once you jump in and decide to give scrapbooking a whirl, you might wonder if there is a method to scrapbooking that you need to follow. There is no wrong way. With simple scrapbooking, you will find a style that is simple but still creative and consistent throughout the scrapbook. The idea is a clean and simple style, where your layouts will still contain the basic components, photos, paper, embellishments, journaling, but that your layout is simply less haphazard and more grid-like in layout. Your pages will have embellishments, but will not be too busy or cluttered in appearance. You are not losing any creativity or content with simple scrapbooking, just keeping it manageable. The degree of how simple the page design scheme should appear to be considered simple scrapbooking is up to interpretation. You will form your own interpretation as you design your own pages.

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