prepared to deal with consequences

This actually means “I am totally ignoring what you are saying”. It would take too long to go into the many Greek sayings, but I have also heard an interesting variation on this one uttered by a woman, which goes “I am going to grow testicles just so I can write you on them”! Anyway, the related hand gesture, which is often used alone without the expression, is a swift movement of both hands downwards, palms facing up, and fingertips almost touching forming a v-shape over the stomach, as if indicating the location of the genitalia. Finally, another hand gesture which is a rude way of telling someone to “go away” (I’ll let you use your imagination and creative talent), is to extend your arm in the direction of your target with a closed fist. Then as the arm is fully extended, the fingers are spread widely revealingly the palm at a 45-degree angle to the ground. It is done in one movement and is similar to the action of throwing a ball. This is probably most frequently seen on the road between drivers. However, this will be considered a strong insult if used on a stranger, so be prepared to deal with literally any consequences before resorting to it!

Every women deserves a day at the spa every once in a while. We work so hard in our day to day lives that sometimes we need to do something just for ourselves to make us feel relaxed and beautiful. As time goes on our skin regularly replenishes itself. New skin forms and as it does, the old skin dies and sits on the surface of our skin. If we don’t do something to remove this old skin it can clog our pores, cause our skin to look dull or rough and even cause breakouts. To help remove the skin we can get facials done at a day spa.

Facials are a multi step process that uses many different products to help remove the old skin and allow the new fresh skin to emerge. Facials will usually start with a process of cleansing. It is important to thoroughly cleanse the skin to prevent any dirt from gaining entry into our pores.

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