The Reasons Why We Dance

As a choreographer and author (though I confess I am far greater relaxed to claim the previous than the latter), I get requested to percentage my opinion approximately a myriad of dance associated topics from the realistic:
“How can dance help you get in shape?”
“What is the satisfactory manner to exercise my footwork?”
“What are the three maximum critical partnering techniques I must analyze?”

To the existential:
“Is my dancing a projection of my self-photograph?”
“How can dancing enhance relationships?”
“Can dancing assist you conquer worry?”

All precise questions with right answers to be positive, however nowadays I need to reply, or at least try to solution, the query I get asked most customarily. The query I assume matters most…



That’s it. Simply, why? What is it about moving our bodies to a track we like this is so joyfully Pavlovian? Why do we watch motion pictures, obsess over our mirrored image in the kitchen window, and sure, take instructions to ideal something that would effortlessly be classified as trivial? Why will we placed ourselves via the bodily fatigue and the occasional social awkwardness simply to name ourselves dancers? Why can we love it so?

There are the plain solutions. We dance for bodily health. We dance for mental readability. We dance for emotional stability, and different such pluses.

However, most of these blessings may be attained by others approach, even though I confess I have yet to discover a higher alternative than a wonderful cha cha to raise each one’s coronary heart-price and spirits. Still, we do no longer need to bounce to collect a valid mind and frame. So, there must be extra reasons why we achieve this. There ought to be something wonderful approximately dancing that is greater than simply intangible; it ought to be almost imperceptible. We can’t appear to provide an explanation for it, yet all of us know it so properly that we do no longer hesitate to tap our toes to a Gershwin melody or pulse with the percussion of a samba rhythm. So why do we dance?

Perhaps dance is the manner we specific ourselves whilst phrases are insufficient. The joy we experience over new observed love, the determination we’ve inside the face of tremendous sorrow or adversity, the passionate hearth of our adolescents and the peacefulness of our softer and more graceful years – perhaps they are in no way expressed more fully than through a waltz, or a tango, or a jive. We all want to be understood, and if we should honestly talk the phrases that describe our feelings, how deep and powerful they might sincerely be. But regrettably, the ones words by no means appear to return to us just proper.

Perhaps dance is the medium thru which we show the world who we honestly are and who we can be. All of us, if we’re honest, believe deep down that we aren’t ordinary. We know ourselves to be splendidly unique, with many layers of personality and talent woven in this sort of way that no one on this planet may want to probably have our identical make-up. We understand it. We just do not always understand a way to prove it.

And possibly dance is how we select to consider, how we keep directly to the past. It is how we relive the fun-crammed days of our young people or the time we seemed of their eyes and knew they had been the one. It is our tribute to the heroes of the previous day who jitterbugged like carefree boys and girls, while day after today they could march as women and men to defend freedom’s motive. It is the risk to be a princess once more, expecting an out-stretched hand and the decision to a romance this is graceful, true, and no longer as forgotten because the cynics say. When we dance, we can remember all of them a little higher, experience the butterflies another time, and if simplest for a moment, go back to the purest a part of our lives when time was of regardless of…for we were dancing.

Why can we dance? Every solution might be distinct, and that is because it have to be. Perhaps the better question is, “Why would we now not?”

David Thomas Moore is the Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer for Dance With Me USA. He is the also co-writer/choreographer for the stage display, Sway: A Dance Trilogy.


The excellent part is… actually every body can do it. With the proper teachers, it’s a laugh and easy to do. Literally the toughest element is taking that first step… to choose up the phone, to schedule a lesson, to stroll inner a dance studio. Once you are taking the ones first steps, the stairs on the ballroom are as smooth as a breath of clean air.

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MINDY HOPKINS FEB sixteen, 2015
The cause why I love to bounce is I’m inside the center of the most important combat of my existence. I even have degree four bone cancer. Dancing is my break out from everything. It conjures up me to keep preventing. I hurt slot, cry, however I can still move. My feelings display, I dance cause it continues the fireplace in my lifestyles.

INA RIES FEB 16, 2015
I dance to just about any type of song after waking up at 5 am, understanding I even have a annoying 12 – 14 hour shift beforehand of me, working as a RN. I tune to my favourite radio station in my rest room and dance away at the same time as getting prepared. This is what gives me energy, happiness, positiveness, proper thoughts and a bit of an “adrenalin infusion”.
My whole life, I needed to have my song and dance. I lived with out a TV, smartphone, pc for decades very, very thankfully!!!

The show DWTS stimulated me to begin dancing. I had simply come via a terrible split and mastering the way to dance helped me re-benefit self belief in myself. I am a 2nd grade instructor so it’s also a great outlet and pressure reliever. Within the primary three months, dancing helped me lose 15 kilos!! Having a musical historical past also allows and I actually have discovered not to just matter the beats but to feel them. It has simply helped my keyboard playing as u play in a worship band at my church. I were ballroom dancing for 4 years now. I’ve carried out three showcases and 1 competition. My 2d opposition may be on 2/28/15, and I can’t wait!! I actually have so enjoyed the journey and encourage anyone else to attempt it. You will in no way regret it!! – Joy Rogers, NC

I dance as it makes me experience beautiful. I am a plus length tomboy and feel most stunning when waltzing. I experience most feminine when doing the rhumba.

MICHELE C. FEB sixteen, 2015
Dancing makes me glad!

DEBBIE S. FEB sixteen, 2015
I dance for the motives referred to however additionally due to the fact dancing gives me joy, self belief, power, and a manner to express the splendor of life.

LYNNEA FEB sixteen, 2015
properly.. I dance to store myself. I took lessons for about 7 years after which stopped for three. One day I knew that I had to dance again.. To discover myself once more. Being over 50 is hard on a girl… I desired to get my self-worth lower back. So I showed up one day for my first personal lesson in a protracted long term and while requested I stated I simply want to dance once more. During that first yr.. I laughed, I cried, I was afraid and I tousled loads… but in the future.. At some point I commenced to experience like a dancer. I felt greater assured, I turned into surely more healthy (I lost 50 lbs) and I nearly felt lovely and sexy once more. The longer I dance the extra I will inform human beings dancing stored my existence. It turned into a lifeline to feeling alive again.

i dance due to the fact I should! Dancing is my existence preserver! To dance is to alive and satisfied, I am maximum happy once I am dancing. I love dancing in all its bureaucracy, but my coronary heart has belonged to Ballroom considering I become 11 years antique watching the Arthur Murray Dance Party on Sunday afternoons in Chicago. I were given a chance to visit the Studio for a stay show and fell in love with the stunning Waltzes and Foxtrots. I’ve desired to bounce ever in view that and turned into best capable of start taking classes sixty (60) years later. I experience thirty years younger and I dance each danger I get!

DIANE FEB 17, 2015
I love to bounce to keep myself in shape, for social existence and for romance. Dance is a language, we tell in our movements, it is sensual, attractive and mental therapy! It keeps you young and keeps your getting old bones transferring so you do now not want hip and knee replacements! Most of all, the electricity on the dance floor is glad and addictive!

ROZA FEB 18, 2015
once I dance I sense like flying, unfastened, nothing else exist within the international

If you had asked me this query 2 weeks ago I’d have said I dance to mission myself. But after three instructions my outlook on dancining is so much extra! Yes I am difficult myself and getting to know some thing new, however I am also learning a lot approximately myself inside the process. I’m doing things I by no means thought I may want to do, and definitely popping out of my shell mentally and socially. I became shocked at the quantity of sheer pleasure I’ve discovered in dance after three training. It’s certainly terrific!

PAM FEB 26, 2015
I love to dance because it helps me to get notable workout relieve pressure be more assured and just have a laugh a laugh fun

I pressured myself to take dance training. Looking returned, I had no rhythm, couldn’t always listen the beat, become manner too self-aware. I endured and the moves and rhythms are in my blood now. I’m nonetheless very shy about performing in front of humans. I will retain this adventure for the good of mind, fitness and feelings. The greatest pressure remedy is dance.

It seems that every one my favored humans are considering the equal question nowadays. While this isn’t ballroom, it’s miles my different favourite shape of dance – https://vimeo.Com/119494981

I never knew I had the ability to dance. I changed into also a clumsy toddler growing up so it became in no way something I gave plenty notion to. As I got older and grew more interested in the arts, I couldn’t help however wonder what it would be want to capture a piece of the skills of the humans that make me so very happy with their ardour and expertise for their artwork in dance. It is those human beings that alleviated the unfortunate anxiety I go through each day. My curiosity sooner or later led me to acting on the journey of looking to emerge as closer to this beautiful art. I had no idea of my capacity or what extra it is able to provide to me. I joined Dance with me Soho in June 2014 and might safely I dance to come to be a better me. This lovely hobby has given me the present of serenity and 45 mins of peace per lesson. I’m so thankful for the academics and people I’ve met alongside the way.

I dance due to the fact after 12 months’s of hating myself and questioning that I cant do something precise I remembered that one time I was glad it was when I turned into dancing and it became an exceptional feeling due to the fact I loved what I did and I felt unfastened and satisfied and I knew that I am accurate….So I commenced to bop again and you understand what it still have the equal effect ?

I cherished David Moore’s essay on “Why Do We Dance?” His words made me ask myself the same aspect. I recognize why I danced as a infant and a teenager. Out of pure unrestrained, unedited joy. I danced to stretch my spirit, to discover who I turned into and sure, to entertain. I actually have in no way feared an audience. If some thing, a sea of strangers opens my coronary heart less complicated than being face to face with more than one strangers. Dancing for an audience, I felt absolutely in my skin and loose to be my satisfactory self whether hovering in a musical or dancing the best solo.
But life got in the manner, I guess. A profession. Obligations. Schedules. Years went with the aid of and other than the occasional wedding or reunion, my dancer stayed inside the corner. Waiting. For decades. And although I observed other approaches to express myself, I don’t think I ever felt that true union of body, thoughts, spirit and that intangible emotional launch of dancing. Until now.
I signed onto Dance with Me Soho with a challenge. I had been invited into a charity version of Dancing with the Stars and I said yes before even considering the concept that my vintage ballet, faucet and Philly rapid dancing didn’t suggest I should ballroom dance. But the danger to bop again? I needed to take the chance. I knew it in my soul.
With simply 4 months to move from 0 to my dream of a reflect ball, I actually have devoted myself to learning like never earlier than. I am in love with the studio, my splendid companion Kosta, teachers Andrei and Taylor but certainly every one of the teachers, reception group and coaches who have come into my existence. I step into the studio and it’s miles magic.
On one stage, I dance because of the youngsters I am raising money for in “Dancing for our Future Stars.” That aim takes me beyond each little ache or tired day. But I admit that on the private personal degree, I am dancing for myself.

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