Waltham Pocket Watch Serial Numbers – Know Them

American Waltham Pocket Watch Company started in 1850 by Davis, Howard and Dennison. They had the idea of using the machine that produces watch parts to mass produces watches that can be affordable at that time.

Though their watch became a revolutionary at that time they encountered financial problems later on. Their first pocket watch was sold in 1853 it was called Warren Boston and some were marked as Samuel Curtis.

The first change of the companies name was on 1853 when it was sold serial iraniĀ  to Boston Watch Company, after that they changed their name several times and in 1859 they had their final change of name which is the American Waltham Pocket Watch Company.

Most items especially watches have serial numbers it serves as their id. There are 3 major source of Waltham serial numbers, the first source is from the ledger book of Boston Transcription firm. The second d source was copied by Joe Brown from a book at Charles River Museum.

The third and last source was distributed by Waltham in 1954, this list were use by repairmen in ordering parts. Here are some lists of serial numbers in which you could find in your watch.

1852 – 400
1862 – 45,000
1872 – 590,000
1882 – 1,835,000
1892 – 5,800,000
1902 – 11,100,00
1912 – 18,200,000
1922 – 24,100,000
1932 – 27,550,000
1942 – 31,050,000
1952 – 33,700,000
The lists above are just few of the long list of serial numbers of Waltham pocket watches. Here are some tips on where you could find the numbers on your Waltham pocket watch.

You can find all the Waltham pocket watches serial number inside the watch it is stamp on the movement. You could also check the serial number on an online list of Waltham serial number in the net to see what year it has been manufactured.

So in order for you to see the serial number you need to open the back case of your pocket watch. But first you have to identify first if the watch has a clamshell, screw down or a hunting case.

If your pocket watch has a clamshell case you need to use a blunt blade or your fingernails at the 3 o’clock position below the back lip of your pocket watch. And use your other finger to grasp the pendant to pull it lifting the lip, by doing this you will separate the case.

If you have a screw down you need to locate the seam in between the case back and case. When you locate the clue unscrew it by rotating the case counter clockwise. You can also use rubberized jar lids for those to unscrew the case.

If you are using a hunting case you have to press down the crown release this will open the front cover and the case back then you will need to your fingernails to pry it open.

When it is open you will need to use a magnifying glass to locate the serial number, the fewer the digit the older the watch is.

You can find a whole list of Waltham pocket watch serial numbers [http://goldwalthampocketwatch.com/waltham-pocket-watch-serial-numbers-the-only-way-to-tell-a-real-from-a-fake/] on websites dedicated to Waltham pocket watches [http://goldwalthampocketwatch.com]. There are many thing you need to know beyond just the serial numbers.




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