7 Ways to Get New Visitors Unto Your Website Fast and Free

There are hundreds of ways to generate traffic to a website but I do not use them all. I only use 7 and they have been working for me. It is very vital that you stick with few traffic sources so that you would be able to scale it up instead of chasing the next “traffic secret.” There are no secrets, it is very simple and here they are:

* Article Marketing
As common as it can be, article marketing is very powerful. The potential in it is awesome and when you become serious with writing and publishing articles online, your traffic will definitely soar. Whether you buy traffic or not, include article marketing into your arsenal of traffic generation systems.

* Create Expert Page
Some social sites allow you to create an expert page which includes ever vital thing about your business. When done appropriately, visitors will trust your page because you are an expert and they will click through to your site easily. Avoid using hype and BS on your expert page.

* Use Free Report
A simple but effective way to get new visitors is to create free reports on your niche and distribute them to online directories. You can also contact a joint venture broker for a relationship. By sending your free report with your links embedded on it, you will begin to get traffic continuous traffic on autopilot.

* Re-tweet on Twitter
Twitter is a powerful micro blogging platform. People are driving huge targeted traffic from twitter alone. It works when you have thousands of people following you. To generate even more traffic apart from the followers, read any latest tweet and re-tweet it. When people follow the author of the post, they will get to see your profile as well leading them unto your website and this can continue for as long as the tweet stays.

* Submit Press Release Online
By submitting press release online, you can generate huge targeted traffic to your website within few hours. This is because, Google features press release on their news portal. Unlike articles, releases are approved almost immediately and this can bring you traffic even before your trusted directory you sign out of the website. Try it out.

* Joint Ventures
Another powerful way to get avalanche of targeted traffic is through joint ventures. Joint venture brokers are internet entrepreneurs who have succeeded in one area of their marketing online but still lack something. They will be willing to accept your proposal if the benefits are real.

* Build a Directory of Freebies.
People like free stuffs and they will be delighted to visit your website if you give them free things. However, instead of just asking them to get one free gift, build your own directory and feature your free reports, software, vouchers and ask them to get it free. Link back to your main website and see how much traffic you will generate. How much traffic do you get in a day – do you want to increase it?



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