How to Deal With Used Car Dealers

So you’ve decided you’re going to visit a used car dealer to buy yourself a used car. Now where do you start?

You’ll do yourself a big favor if you locate a used car dealer near yourself. You can save yourself a big trip that will eat up lots of your time. This would be a big waste, especially if you find out that the car rv dealer near me  you had in mind did not live up to your expectancy.

You can start by checking the Yellow Pages to find a used car dealer near you. In any city of decent proportions, there will likely be, at the very least, between five and ten dealers within a 20 mile radius.

Visit a few of them in a row and make sure they inform you about the used cars they’re selling. Don’t let them talk you into making a quick decision, you’ll likely regret it later on. You’re trying to get an impression of what’s on the market, before you actually buy the car!

Not being in a rush will put you in a good bargaining position. When a salesmen picks up on any hesitations you might have, he just might offer you discounts. Keep in mind that it’s in the salesman’s best interest to sell as many cars as possible.

But don’t ever take them seriously when they say you have to decide now, or the discount is off. This is a well known marketing trick in order to get you to act quickly!

Usually, you can come back to the dealer a few days later. He will still sell you the car at the discounted price. Naturally, he would have liked to receive more of your money, but again I must remind you… he wants to sell as many cars as possible! Use this knowledge to your advantage!

Simply keep in mind that you can keep yourself in a strong bargaining position, if only you don’t come off as a needy push over.

It’s your money! Make sure you get the most for it!



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