Fake Security Camera – Faking Can Be Good!

If you already use real security cameras to protect your property, you might want to consider also adding a fake security system to your overall security strategy. A fake security camera can help you save money on your security system, by utilizing a dummy camera along with real ones. These types of cameras can help to extend your security budget, since you will have visible cameras, without spending the extra money on real ones.

A fake security system of course will not be connected to your actual security system, but the criminals will not know that. These cameras will do their job by being a visual reminder that you have a camera system guarding your property. Often all it takes is having cameras visible to deter criminals, and a false camera will do the job just as effectively as a real one.

One of the advantages of using dummy security systems is the low cost. A non-functional system is less expensive to maintain, because there are not actually any working parts inside of them that you need to maintain. If you choose a high-end realistic fake security camera, heretechs criminals will be fooled into believing that they are actually real security cameras. Many dummy security cameras are manufactured to appear quite realistic, especially the high-end cameras. These cameras can include cables and power cords, and even a fake electrical outlet that you can plug them in to, so that they look even more convincing. These types of cameras look authentic, right down to the bracket. Many even include a blinking LED to add to the authenticity.

The cheapest fake security system can be recognized by not having real lenses (the “lenses” are just an opaque piece of plastic) Other fake systems include broken real cameras, motion sensors disguised as cameras, or empty housings. They may have flashing lights, or a motor to simulate pan-tilt motion.

Because dummy systems are non-functional, they’re generally utilized in environments where the only require for a security camera is to deter minor theft and vandalism, such as little businesses like restaurants and convenience stores. Professional thieves have the experience to recognize a dummy camera, so they don’t stop these individuals from acting.

Dummy cameras are also utilized to augment real surveillance systems to increase the deterrent effect at a minimal additional cost. Numerous camera vendors offer dummy cameras that look identical to the actual ones they sell. A typical camera kit may consist of four actual cameras and four dummies. The subjects becoming monitored are likely to assume that all from the cameras are real.

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